Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Layer Cake Checkmate Quilt

I am so excited to be sharing another quilt from the Shortcut Quilt Series from Fat Quarter Shop.  This one is called Layer Cake Checkmate and it is so much fun!!!!  Don't you just love those happy bright 4 patches among the neutral squares :)  I just can't get enough of how much they pop!!!!  

Layer Cake Checkmate is a free pattern from the Fat Quarter Shop that can be found over at the Jolly Jabber ;)   It is super easy to follow and goes together in no time !!!   (And Fat Quarter Shop just might have their Layer Cakes on sale to celebrate it's release, just sayin :)  

For my Layer Cake Checkmate Quilt I used 2 layer cakes from the amazing Jen Kingwell ;)  The Four Patches are made from the bright happy polka dot prints of Just a Speck and the beautiful neutral background squares are from a Behind the Scenes layer cake.  I just love how perfectly the two play together ;)

I absolutely love the simplicity of this quilt and how you can add that punch of bold colors in it.  The quilt is so fun and easy to make, I had the top sewn together in no time at all.   I think it will be one of those fabulous "go-to" designs when you are in a pinch for a quick wedding gift :)   Wouldn't this just be so perfect for a new couple to use as a picnic quilt or to lay in the sun reading a good book.     Love it!!!!

And of course, Kimberly has made a wonderful Checkmate Quilt video to go along with the pattern.  She walks you through each step of putting the quilt together and shares some fun little tidbits along the way ;) 

I had so much fun when it came time quilt this.   I tried something new in the background squares.  I always love grid quilting, but I thought it would be extra fun to make wavy grid quilting.  And you know, I love, love, love it!!!!  I can't wait to do it again.  So fun, fast, and I love the overall effect!!!

And in the colored 4 Patches, I quilted my little wavy arch repeated.  It is a little hard to see, but I just love the movement and the secondary design created in the center of the 4 Patch.   This is becoming a favorite way to quilt clusters of squares  ;)

And I think my favorite thing about that wavy grid is the awesome texture!!!   Eeekk, I am so loving it!!!!  I just want to keep brushing my hands across the quilt top to feel all of that quilty goodness.

And you might have noticed, I didn't add my border, mainly because I couldn't decide what fabric to use for a border, but It looks great with or without a border :)    I just can't get over how happy and bright this quilt turned out, just makes me smile!!!

And to see how lots of other wonderful Layer Cake Checkmate Quilts turned out, you can pop on over to these fellow bloggers ;)  Guaranteed to be some happy eye candy!!!

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And that's my Layer Cake Checkmate Quilt and I can't wait to make a second, third, and fourth one.  They are just so much fun!!!!  

Thanks for popping in today and I hope you love my Layer Cake Checkmate just as much as I do and plan on making your own ;)

Be sure to check back soon as I have another post planned for today ;)  Yup, it's a Double Happy Quilting Day today!!!!!

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  1. Love this with all your beautiful color choices!!

  2. Beautiful quilt and the colors really pop!

  3. Love the brightness of this lovely quilt and the wavy grid quilting looks great. Need to try that myself.

  4. Love the brightness of this lovely quilt and the wavy grid quilting looks great. Need to try that myself.

  5. Great pattern! I have two beautiful batik layer cakes I bought at the Fat Quarter shop and this would be perfect for them!
    It also works for charm packs on the small squares.
    Thanks for sharing this quick and easy pattern!

  6. I love that solid looking fabrics (from here I can't see the dots). The whole thing looks great!! Hugs, H

  7. I love your quilt. Because the dots don't show very well (I know they are there!) I read the fabrics as solids. It actually reminded me of Elmer (you know, from the McKee books), which is funny because as I looked it up I noticed that Elmer is barely any grey so I must have made that up :). Anyway: I love Elmer and I love your quilt so all is well!! Thank you for sharing!


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