Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Timber Quilt - AGF Stitched with Kimberly

Happy Quilting Wednesday Everyone!!!!  I am excited to share with you a new finish today ;)  And it has quite a story to go along with it, but more on that in a bit.  First off, let me share the fun tidbits on the  Timber Quilt ;)   Timber is a free Pattern from the AGF Stitched with Kimberly Series over at Fat Quarter Shop.    I love getting to be a part of this awesome series because the designs are always so fun and this quarters was no exception!!

And no surprise here, I did mine in a red/white/black version so that I could use it for an upcoming fundraiser for my Alma Mater.  But I have to say, I just love the way the geometric goodness stands out so bold in the three color layout.  Especially using the super fun Prisma Elements from Art Gallery ;)

Now, let's get to that story :)   If you have been hoping around seeing other fun Timber quilts, you might be looking at the picture above and thinking, "Um, while it is a different 3 color layout,  it still doesn't look quite right."   And yes, you would be correct, that it does indeed not look the quite right.   Here is what my original Timber design was supposed to look like in the three color layout.  It is the exact same as the free Timber pattern, only non scrappy ;)

Well, you might recall I mentioned the other day about having some secret sewing that had been keeping me busy.  Ya, so come Monday morning I was at the point of having all the strip piecing done but needed to get the quilt top done that day so I could quilt and bind it yesterday.  So I began chain piecing, and chain piecing, and chain piecing . . . and I am happy to say, that it really pieces together fast.  .

Before you know it, I had the rows together, some quick pressing and I was ready to stitch the rows into a quilt top.   I didn't even bother to lay them out because I had the ends marked and I was ready to chain piece the sets of 4 rows together.  So back to  chain piecing I went  to sew all of the rows into a quilt top.  And I was just ready to do a happy dance as I opened the quilt, layed it out, and then . . . , TIMBER!!!!   This quilt was appropriately named because it was exactly like a huge Crash hitting the pit of my stomach when I stood back and realized something was amiss.

After looking, and then looking, and then looking again, I realized that in my haste, I had only looked at the placement of the end black and white two patches and then repeated that throughout the row, when in fact, I was supposed to alternate the black and white from top to bottom.    And yes, then there were tears.

 I contemplated tearing the whole thing out, but realized that 1) I didn't have the time, and more importantly 2) I didn't have the heart to either.   So frustrating.  But after the tears and frustration, I almost wanted to laugh at myself.  It doesn't matter how many times I make quilts, sometimes I just miss the smallest thing (especially if I am in a rush) and then Timber!!!   So, after accepting the giant crash that was this quilt, I accepted that it will just have to be the Art Deco version of Timber :)

And before I could change my mind, I put it on the long arm and started quilting these super fun allover Fireworks.  I used red thread which I think helped to tone down some of the business.  This is one of my designs in the  180 Doodle Quilting Designs and it is such a fun and fast design to quilt.   And I used some extra loft batting and I just love how it makes those fireworks pop.

Seriously loving this texture goodness.   If I weren't giving it away, I would totally be snuggling in it already.  And with the super soft hand of Art Gallery Fabrics it just adds to the snugly goodness.

And with that crazy story, I am excited to share that Kimberly has made an awesome Timber You Tube Video that walks you through making the quilt step by step . . . so no worries, Kimberly has got you covered :) 

And that is my Timber quilt, with it's crazy Crash and all.    Gotta keep it real right ;)  It really is a super fun quilt to make and a fabulous design that does look awesome in a 3 color way.  (I think I just might have to make this again sometime down the road so I can get the original 3 color way effect :)  And just in case you have missed it, you can read all about the Timber Quilt in Fat Quarter Shop's Post and Download the Free Pattern here ;)

And you can see lot's more Timber quilts, that actually look like the original Timber quilt (tee hee hee ) by popping over to these lovely ladies blogs.  All are beautiful Timber quilts!!

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Thanks for popping in today and each and every day!!!  You all are the best for sticking with me through the Good, the Bad, and the Altered ;)  

Happy Quilting!!!
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  1. A finished quilt is beautiful. Since no one at the charity will know what the pattern was, there will only be admiration for this beauty.

  2. Well, I'm not seeing where you strayed from the pattern. What a fun quilt.

  3. Kudos! Your quilt looks beautiful! The three color idea works wonderfully for this pattern and yes, you are certainly not alone in the "redesigning" phenomenon. I work hard to keep my pieces in line, in order and yet surprise I mix them up often. I usually rip and re-sew but your change here still works wonderfully. Thanks for keeping it real! The quilting is also stunning :-)

  4. Your quilt looks beautiful. I am glad to know that I am not the only one who overlooks that one small detail when making quilts in haste (and sometimes not in haste!!). I'll think of you next time I do it and shout, "TIMBER", instead of some other choice word. Great story that I'm sure many, many quilters can relate to. Thanks for sharing!!

    1. I love the idea of shouting TIMBER every time this happens. Maybe I will laugh more then and cry a little less ;)

  5. It took me a while to figure out your "design interpretation." I like the movement in the quilt. Mistake or not, it's a beautiful quilt.

  6. You've just taken an alternate universe turn, and it turned out nicely.

  7. I like your version of Timber very much. Call it a design decision and voila -- no more tears!

  8. I love it in these three favorite colors! Would you mind sharing the total yardage needed for each color?

  9. I think this is very pretty.
    There is no special place in Heaven for perfection. I love mistakes.
    Melissa, this quilt is so pretty YEAH right with that light house, Too cool

  10. I absolutely Love your Quilt! Try not to be hard on yourself and just see the beauty and the original that you have created. As it has been mentioned, what a great way to deal with mishaps..."TIMBER". Thank you for sharing and have a fantastic creative day!

  11. I love the new pattern just as much as the original. I am wondering, though, how did you figure fabric and cutting requirement for 3 colors? As there isn't a black/white view on the pattern, I had some trouble 'translating' the various sections to three colors. Any tricks?

  12. lol, my favorite farm animal,is a cow.sure do,love beef.

  13. Hi Melissa,

    your quilt looks great anyway and if you wouldn't have told you the story I'm quite sure no one would have seen it :o)

  14. Your quilt is beautiful. You have just made up your own design!! Nobody will know that is not how it was suppose to look. It looks GREAT :-)

  15. You just put your own twist on it is all. It looks great!


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