Sunday, November 13, 2016

Aurifil Buzz!!!

There was a fun announcement at the Aurifil Buzz blog this morning!!  The new 2017 Designer of the Month program was announced and guess who gets to be one of the 2017 designers!!!  EEEkkkk, so, so, so excited!!!!!  I am just thrilled and incredibly grateful to be part of such an amazing team of designers.    And I am super happy because this year has an extra fun twist as all of the blocks are going to be done in the color wheel.  Yippee!!!  I love rainbow quilts, and I bet you will never guess what color block I will be doing :)

You can find out lots more details from Pat Sloan, the host of the Designer of the Month program, over at the Aurifil Buzz Blog ;)    And I do hope you plan to quilt along.  It is going to be oh so much fun!!!

Eeekk,  I can't wait for March now!!

Happy Quilting!!!

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  1. Congratulations Melissa, what an incredible honor!

  2. Purple! Hmmm, isn't that your favorite color? I've been following Pat and the Aurifil design team for three years now, and enjoy playing along. Can't wait to see your block!

  3. Congratulations! I read the Aurifil post yesterday and was happy to see that you were going to be one of the designers and was glad to see that they gave you purple as your color. Really though how could they not give that to you.


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