Monday, November 21, 2016

Irish Chain Quilts Trunk Show & Sale

This weekend I had the wonderful opportunity of sharing my Irish Chain Quilts trunk show with the Nebo Modern Quilt Guild.  What an amazing bunch of ladies!!!  It was such a pleasure to get to share share a few hours with them!!!

And it was even their UFO challenge finale as well, so I got to see lots of amazing quilts finished up by each of those wonderful ladies.   So fun!!!!     And thank you Andy and Cheryl for sharing these pictures with me as I wasn't able to take any ;)

And since I had such a great Trunk Show with these amazing gals, and since it is one of the biggest sale weeks of the year . . . I thought it would be just fitting to have an Irish Chain Quilt Sale!!!!   So for this week, you can get a personalized and signed copy of Irish Chain Quilts for just $19.00!!!!  

I hope you are all having an absolutely fantastic Monday!!!  I have spent mine unpacking my Irish Chain Quilts and it is so much fun to see them all stacked up once again :)

Happy Quilting!!!

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  1. I am leaning toward doing an Irish Chain quilt next. So colorful.

  2. Ever since making the Crossroads quilt - I've really enjoyed the chain blocks. (They used to scare me). Now I will have to check out your book and its wonderful patterns. New horizons :)!


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