Wednesday, March 8, 2017

WIP - Old, New, and In Between

So it's Wednesday, and today just seemed to be the perfect day to share some Works in Progress, and the first one is an old one, even though I realized, strangely enough, that I never shared the start of it here on my blog, I just had this Instagram pic  ;)

 Back at Spring Market,  I got a super fun Mini Quick Curve Ruler and started to play with it as soon as I got back home.  I loved the original Quick Curve Ruler (made this quilt with it) and knew I was going to love the mini as well!!!  My plan was to make a Mini Rings using the super adorable Olive's Flower Market by Lella Boutique.   I got all of the curved sub-piecing and cutting done (love that ruler!!!)  and then sadly, this fell to to bottom of the pile, which tends to happen when it doesn't have a deadline.  But . . . I got a call this week and my twin sister found out she is having a GIRL!!!!!   Deadline made and this quilt just flew to the top of the to finish list ;)   So excited to be playing with these fun curves again!!!!

And you know, I just can't help but adding new Works In Process.   A week ago I decided that I wanted to participate in the Moda Bella Challenge.   I had read about it a while back and didn't think twice as those super bold colors were a bit out of my comfort zone.  But then, after seeing so many great pictures from Quilt Con and such an amazing display of bold and beautiful quilts, well, it made me think that maybe its time for another little push out of my comfort zone :)  So I ordered 2 of the Bella Challenge Packs from Fat Quarter Shop and am ready to go.  Now, just to come up with a design.   More on this to come :)

And finally, my poor Splendid Sampler Blocks have been sorted and ready to sew into rows for almost a month now.   I really want to get these sewn together soon so that I can enjoy the finished quilt.  I mean, we spent a year sewing these blocks together, I would hate for it to take me another year to get them into a finished quilt ;)

So that's what I am working on . .  .What are you working on in your neck of the woods??
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  1. I love watching others' journeys almost as much as I love traveling on my own. I'm excited for your WIPs to be FOs.

    Right now I have the first quilt I ever made using actual quilting fabrics (rather than scraps from mine and others' sewing journeys) up on my frame for hand quilting. I meant to have it done by Dr. Seuss' birthday as it is a Lorax quilt but here it is a week later...

  2. Stalled out on my Splendid Sampler. Have a few easy blocks to finish and have decided that some others are on my bucket list for later. So far the plan is a sampler book vs a quilt. but who knows next month...
    Working on Pat's Solstice QAL and the Children's Library BOM using such different fabrics keeps them new an fun. Doing he Jinny Beyer Mystery for a wall hanging for my guest room-yes one I do plan to actually keep and playing with the Rainbow scrap challenge which is ending up with a cat and many birds and sprouts in the months color. It just sort of planned itself. I have a great border with multi colored trees and birds, may stick in a squirrel, what is a tree without one? then there are a couple mor BOW and BOMs calling my name, Sigh....

  3. I still have to get my splendid sampler top sewn together. Can't wait to see yours.

  4. I love your fabric selection for mini rings. I have had the ruler and Metro Rings pattern for awhile now but haven't used them yet. Are the arcs difficult to piece by machine? Do you need to pin them a lot? Thanks.

  5. I am almost finished quilting a block of the month I pieced back in 2004! Now that is a long time to be a WIP.


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