Monday, May 8, 2017

Cedar Chest Quilt Retreat - Good Times Teaching!!!

Okay, so I was flipping through some pictures on my camera looking for one I took way back in February for my kids, and while I was searching for it, I came across my pictures from the Cedar Chest Quilt Retreat.  I was a little surprised these were still on my camera, so I looked back on the blog, and was shocked to realize that I never posted about this,  Oops!!!    I think it was because I taught at the retreat and then left for the cruise the next day, and you know how things tend to slip your mind when it has been a week ;)  Well, better late than never, right!!!

I absolutely love getting to teach at the Cedar Chest Quilt Retreat each year. Of course, I love everywhere I teach, but there is just something special about getting to teach in your home town ;)    I taught 2 classes on Friday,(and flew out on Saturday morning, good times!!)   The first class was  my Moroccan Lullaby class.    This was my first time teach this pattern as a class and I just loved it!!!  Everyone did such as a great job, and as you can see, there were a lot of block finishes!!!

And later that day, I taught my Corkscrew class.   This pattern comes with instructions for scrappy and non scrappy layouts so it was super fun to see everyone's fabric choices.   Isn't it just so amazing to see how different each finish looks just based on the fabrics.  I love that about quilting!!!

And finally, one of my favorite things about the Cedar Chest Quilt Retreat (besides the all-night sew, which I sadly missed this year because of the whole flying out thing :)  is that each year, everyone brings back their finished quilts from the classes they have taken in past years ;)   It is just so fun to see everyone's starts in class, and when I actually get to see the finish a year later, it is just incredible!!!  I just love it!!!  And how gorgeous is this finished Petal Pop quilt top that was shared ;)  Can't wait to see more of these pop up next year!!!

So as you can see, it was another great retreat this year here in beautiful Cedar City!!!  I am already looking forward to next year :)   

And if you are interested in taking classes from me in the near future and are in the Utah area, I am teaching at the Panguitch Quilt Walk on June 7-10 and at the Utah Quilt Fest on September 19-23  I would love you have you in one of my classes.   I know I say it every time, but I just love teaching quilting!!!
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  1. Fun times! That Petal Pop quilt is one of my favorite pattern of yours! All the blocks are amazing!


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