Friday, May 26, 2017

Time to makes some Quilt Sandwiches :)

So I might have mentioned that in the last little bit I was doing some secret sewing.  Well, I finished up all that last week and looked around my sewing room to realize that I was now only working on only 1 new project.  So I grabbed my stacks of blocks that have been waiting patiently to be finished before  I could be tempted to cut out something new ;)  So in the last few days I  finished up 3 quilt tops and pieced 3 quilt backs, yippee!!!  I would say it is time to make some quilt sandwiches and start humming away on the long arm ;)

Thank you so much to everyone on Instagram for your help picking a sashing for my Sew Sampler Recipe Card quilt!!!  I am so excited with how this turned out with the Moda Chambray Sashing, it just gives it the perfect summer picnic feel.    And you might remember back here  where I said I would have to set them aside for about a month . . . well it turned out closer to 2, but now the quilt top is done and I decided on a happy bright yellow backing to give it that extra bit of sunshine happiness.  Can't wait to get this one finished up, and I already know how I want to quilt it, so it will probably get done first ;)  

I also finished up my Mosiac Quilt top and backing this week.  I cut this quilt out clear back in February  and finished the blocks at about the same times as I finished the blocks above.   To finish this one I opted for a simple white sashing that really makes all of those happy blues and green's pop :)   Then for the backing, I choose a fun lime print from my stash, and then added a navy stripe to the pieced backing just for that bit of contrast.   So fun!!!

And finally, I am so super excited that I can say that I finished piecing my Splendid Sampler Quilt top!!!!   (Well, it actually still has to be pressed, but close enough right ;)    And I am love, love, loving it!!!!   This thing is a huge King Size quilt so I  knew I was going to be doing some serious piecing for the backing.   So I pulled out my stash of Grunge fabrics.   I had some bits and pieces left from other projects, and wouldn't you know, it was just the perfect amount to piece together a rainbow grunge backing!!  I totally squealed when I finished sewing it together.  So fun!!!!

And now if you are thinking, why don't you open all these quilt tops and back's up and show us . . . Sorry about that.   I know, such a tease right.   It's just that I want to keep the "big reveals" for when they are all quilted and bound and pretty!!!!   But I promise . . . soon ;)  Time to get quilting!!!!

I hope you have a very Happy Quilting Weekend ;)  

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  1. Can't wait to see your finished quilts, especially the Splendid Sampler one!

  2. I like sandwiches. Next stop? Completed quilts!!!

  3. You've been busy, busy, busy, Melissa! I do wish you'd shown the large pieced back! Can't wait to see everything completely finished and what's next on your list to begin!

  4. Sounds like you're having "sew" much fun :-) Keep on keeping on! Have a wonderful weekend!!

  5. These look great. A good week-end to have sandwiches haha

  6. I love the setting you did your Splendid Sampler in!! Can't wait to see it all done! :-) Hugs, H


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