Friday, December 15, 2017

Modern Quilts!!!!

The Modern Quilt Guild is releasing  Modern Quilts this month and I am so very excited!!!!  This book is  jam packed with large, color photographs of the best modern quilting has to offer.  Over 200 quilts grace the pages of this collective hardcover beauty.      It truly is a celebration of Modern Quilts that honors the genre's past, present and future.

And this book also gives right back to the Modern Quilt Guild, as 100% f the royalties eared from this book go right back into the Modern Quilt Guild, a non-profit 501 (c)3.  

With over 200 Modern Quilters gracing the pages of Modern Quilts I am truly honored to have one of my quilts featured in this amazing collection.  Flipping to page 56 finds my Off Kilter Quilt!!!   I can't tell you how excited I was when I was told this wonderful news ;)

Off Kilter has been a favorite quilt design of mine that really plays with color graduation in a simple yet stunning way.   And I just love the modern solids and how they really make this design pop!!!

When it came time to quilt it, I opted for simple organic lines about 1/4" apart.  It took a while to quilt and I got a lot of exercise going back and forth on the long arm, but it was so worth it ;)  I just love the movement it gives the quilt!!

And I am super excited to say, that there is a free Step by Step tutorial for Off Kilter right over here ;)   How fun is that!!!  It has two size options, lap size or twin size, and is so much fun to make!!!  So now, you can make your own Off Kilter quilt too ;)  Just grab a stack of solids, and you are good to go ;) 

And as I mentioned, there are so many incredible modern quilters represented in this book!!  Be sure to follow along with the  Modern Quilts Blog Tour to see more of the amazing quilts in this incredible book that I am so honored to be a part of!!!   

Amber Corcoran12/13/2017Amber Corcoran
Heidi Parkes12/14/2017Heidi Parkes
Melissa Cory12/15/2017Melissa Cory
Penny Gold12/16/2017Penny Gold
Shruti Dandekar12/18/2017Shruti Dandekar
Amy Friend12/19/2017Amy Friend
Paige Alexander12/20/2017Paige Alexander
Angela Bowman12/21/2017Angela Bowman
Lysa Flower12/22/2017Lysa Flower
Sheri Cifaldi-Morrill12/27/2017Sheri Cifaldi-Morrill
Jacquie Gering12/28/2017Jacquie Gering
Christa Watson12/29/2017Christa Watson
Heather Black12/30/2017Heather Black
Kristin Shields1/2/2018Kristin Shields
Krista Hennebury1/3/2018Krista Hennebury
Cinzia Allocca1/4/2018Cinzia Allocca
Suzanne Paquette1/5/2018Suzanne Paquette
Yvonne Fuchs1/6/2018Yvonne Fuchs
Ben Darby1/9/2018Ben Darby
Nicole Daksiewicz1/10/2018Nicole Daksiewicz
Kristi Schroeder1/11/2018Kristi Schroeder
Kathy York1/12/2018Kathy York
Marla Varner1/13/2018Marla Varner
Brigette Heitland1/15/2018Brigette Heitland
Stacey Sharman1/16/2018Stacey Sharman
Stacey O'Malley1/17/2018Stacey O'Malley
Kim Soper1/18/2018Kim Soper
Steph Skardal1/19/2018Steph Skardal
Cheryl Brickey1/20/2018Cheryl Brickey
Shea Henderson1/22/2018Shea Henderson
Katie Larson1/23/2018Katie Larson
Katie Pedersen1/24/2018Katie Pedersen

Thanks again to the Modern Quilt Guild for this tremendous honor and be sure and get your copy of  Modern Quilts pre-ordered today!!!  It releases on December 29th, which just so happens to be my Anniversary as well ;)  Super excited day!!!

Thanks for popping in today and I hope you have a very Happy Quilting Weekend!!!

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  1. Congratulations for being in the book. I know what a fabulous feeling that is because I just got published for the first time in Rayna Gillman's new book Create You Own Improv Quilts page 73. I look forward to following the blog tour and seeing the works of the other participants.

  2. Congratulations! You totally deserve it. The Off kilter quilt is such an awesome twist on rail fence, I love the way it looks like an interlocking puzzle!

  3. Congrats! A wonderful quilt! Well deserved! Thank you for sharing, Susan

  4. This is a great book full of superb quilts and yours fits right in. I love it

  5. Love your "Off Kilter" quilt. Thanks for sharing the wonderful tutorial.
    Congratulations on the book

  6. Congratulations! I can't wait to see your quilt along with the others in the book!

  7. Congratulations on having "Off Quilter" included in the book. It is such a cheerful use of color. I'm looking forward to receiving my book and it won't be long before it arrives!


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