Monday, August 13, 2018

Linking Up Helps

I am so excited about the Seeing Stars Quilt Along!!!  There are so many of you linking up and that just makes me smile ear to ear!!!  It is always fun when more of us quilt together ;)  So a few of you have had a few questions on "Linking Up".  So if you are new to "Linking Up" I thought I would share a basic run down here of how to do that.

Start by going to the Blog post you want to link up to.  So for example, our Seeing Stars Quilt Along, the first post to link your fabric picture to can be found by clicking on here ;)   Then, at the bottom of the post there will be a blue button that says Add Your Link.  Click on that blue button.
The first thing you will need to fill out is your Link.  This is probably the trickiest part.   But what will make it easier to do, is understanding what a Link is.  The whole idea of a "Link" is so that when people click on your little thumbnail image, they are sent to where you talk about and show a picture of whatever your linking up for (in our case today fabric).   So this is where you are "hosting" your image.
 What you are filling in is the URL (or location) of where that picture and talk can be found.   So remember it will be specific and it won't be or or your blog   It should be exactly where you can find the picture.   So to find the URL, simply go into your Social Media account or blog where you posted your picture and click on the picture.  Then copy and paste the URL into the link line.    The URL is that long list of letters and numbers in the white rectangle at the top of the screen that stars with https://      And if you are linking to a blog post, just open the specific blog post where you talked about and posted your picture and then copy the URL.    Just to give you an idea of what the links will look like.

This is the Instagram Seeing Stars original Link

And this is the Seeing Stars Facebook                                              

And this is the Seeing Stars Original Teaser Blog Post

You will know that your link is correct if you see a bunch of thumbnail images pop up under the Image Source Section ;)

And if you do not use social media you can still link up!!!!   If your plan is to just download a picture directly from your computer - just type No Link and your Name on the Link line.  Ie . . No Link Melissa or No Link Melissa Corry

The Second and Third part is easy.  The Link Title is simply your name and a description of what you are linking.  There is no right or wrong here.  And you can type over whatever automatically pops up from your link.    I normally just put something like Melissa's fabric, or Melissa's blocks, or Melissa's quilt.  Just your name and a description.      And the Email, well that's easy, just type your email address.   And you want to make sure to add this so if you win a weekly giveaway I have a way to contact you ;)

The Fourth and Final Part is the Image Source.   And if you have done everything right to this point, it is pretty easy.   If you have a correct URL then you will already have a bunch of little thumbnail images.  Just click the blue Select button under the image you want to have on your thumbnail (small image) of the linky. 
And if you put No Link earlier because you don't use social media, this is where you can still add your picture.  Simply click on the Upload Tab and then click on the Click To Upload a File button.   This will take you to your computer browser where you can find where you saved your image on your computer and double click the image.  Then when the image is uploaded press the blue Select button.

All that is left now is to click on the giant blue DONE button.    And just like that you are linked up!!!

I hope you find this helpful.  I know it can be a little tricky the first times you are trying to link up, but it will get easier and easier each time you do it and it is a wonderful way to people to come and visit and chat with you about your progress in the quilt along ;)

And since this is a super long post with no quilty pictures, I thought I would just share a few of the Seeing Stars sketches that I have been doing for some of our fellow quilters who wanted to get an idea of their fabrics in this layout :)   This sure is making me excited to start sewing stars!!!

Fabric is Regency Blues by Christopher Wilson Tate for Moda

Fabric is Sweet Prairie by Sedef Imer for Riley Blake Designs

Fabric is Geogram by Samarra Khaja for Lecien Fabrics

Looking forward to Wednesday for the first Seeing Stars Block Release!!!!
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  1. I can't wait to get started. But Wednesday I have a mandatory 8 hour in-service at work.

  2. I will not be participating but I am looking forward to viewing all of the creativity and superb inspiration

  3. I'm going to try and keep up but I'm back at work next week and I know it will be busy. The quilt will get made, it just a question of when.

  4. This is so helpful! I should be able to get my next linky right :)

  5. Thanks for the info. I'll give it a try this week 👍

  6. Thanks for sharing your fun quilt along. I am enjoying making all the different stars. And, Your Waves and Berry mock up was my favorite and the inspiration for my quilt.


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