Friday, September 28, 2018

Giant Patchwork Quilt

Sometimes simple patchwork is just the best and oh so much fun!!!  And this quilt is extra special because I had a whole lot of help making it!!!    You might recall last year when I shared all of the Charming Totes that I taught the Young Women in my church to make.   Well, several of the girls wanted to try their hand at a larger scale patchwork. 

So we went to pick some layer cakes.    The fabrics chosen were Creekside and Desert Bloom by Sherri and Chelsi for Moda Fabrics.  I love all of  Sherri and Chelsi fabrics because they designs them to read one color.  This makes them perfect for patchwork, as every block stands out and none of them blend into the block next to them.  (or into the background when doing more piecing).  So fun!!!   And don't the two lines just play so nice together.  I love when designers do that!!!

And then the fun began.  We just used the Layer Cake squares as is, so no cutting was necessary to get started.  It was absolutely wonderful to watch them methodically think over where each square should be placed.   They worked on that placement until it was just perfect!!!    And then, time to piece it together.  Same exact way you make the Charming totes, only on a much larger scale :)  So fun!!!!

 This weekend those same girls are hosting a Spaghetti Dinner and silent auction to raise funds for their camps and such.  And of course, the Giant Patchwork quilt that was their special project will be featured in that auction.   Isn't that just so awesome!!! 

So it was time to get it quilted up ;)  I decided to quilt it with an overall loose feathers design.    I have so much fun quilting these, I can't believe that the feathers used to scare me.   This way is so fun and relaxing and it quilts up real quick, which was important as it had to be done by Saturday :)  Sometimes I wonder if the only way to get my quilts out of the to be quilted pile is for them to have a deadline, tee hee hee ;)

And I also love the loose feathers because it creates the coolest texture!!!  Doesn't that just make you want to cuddle up with this queen size beauty!!!   It measures 95"x 95" so it will be perfect for someones new bedspread ;)

And that is the Giant Patchwork quilt!!!  I had so much fun working with the girls on this!!!   And seriously, I want to do some more simple patchwork in the very near future.   2 Layer Cakes and a  5" border and you can whip up a queen size quilt that really makes a bold statement in no time at all.   Oh so much fun and you all know, I have enough layer cakes stashed to make a whole lot of Giant Patchwork Quilts!!!

How about you???  Have you every made a Giant Patchwork Quilt???   If not, do you totally want to make one now???

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  1. No I have never made a simple one patch quilt but every single time I see one I just love them. Why do I need to make things so complicated? I need to used up those layer cakes! I love the way this looks. The girls did a great job and the quilting is yummy too!

  2. I haven't thought to use a layer cake this way - great idea for a quick project (even if big!) Looks really great, good job everyone.

  3. this looks superb! I want to make a layer cake quilt!!

  4. I Have never made one but I want to now! That quilting is wonderful!

  5. Oh I really want to make one of these now!
    Such a simple but totally effective & eye-catching make.
    Perfect for that layer cake that's just too adorable to cut up into smaller pieces.

  6. It’s just lovely! I could feel their enthusiasm through your words. I hope their beautiful quilt generates a healthy amount and that they continue on this fun adventure.

  7. It looks really nice. It would be a great way to use of fabrics in the stash too.

  8. What a great project, and accomplishment, for these girls in preparing for their fundraiser. I'm sure it will be well received.

  9. Please tell your young protegees that they did a fantastic job laying out the squares! Best wishes for a successful auction!

  10. As if I didn't have enough on my "oh I gotta make that one " list, here is another to add! I had no idea that Sherri and Chelsi designed fabrics that way and I love it. I am so so color challenged. I do believe I need to take a fresh look at their fabrics. And what a wonderful thing you did working with the youth in your church. I trust they raised quite a bit of money for their projects. Thank you for all of this wonderful inspiration!


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