Monday, December 10, 2018

Jolly Bar Meringue!!!!

Today I am excited to share my Jolly Bar Meringue quilt and I have to say right off the bat, I just love it!!    This quilt is a Shortcut Quilt from the Fat Quarter Shop and you all now how much I love these patterns.  (I just shared another one last week ;)  As always, this was fast and oh so much fun!!!  All you need are some Jolly Bars (5 x 10 precut ) and a Perfect Rectangle Ruler and away you go!!!

The original pattern is actually for an adorable baby size quilt, But I decided I wanted to make something a littler larger.  So I used Two Sweet Marion Jolly Bars and then cut 2 1/2 yards of  Gris Grunge yardage to make my 72 "solid" Jolly bars ;)     And I just love how awesome the Grunge looks with Sweet Marion!!!  So instead of the baby size, I made 72 blocks in an 8 x 9 layout which made for a 64" x 72" quilt, so it's perfect for snuggling with ;)

 And you can probably tell, I changed the layout a bit as well from the original ;)   I just loved the look of these "lightning" streaks going down the quilt.  It seemed to fit this more modern fabric pairing.   That is the great thing about basic blocks like this, there are an endless amount of layout options and they all look so great!!! 


When it came time to quilt it, I decided on an all over loose feather.   This design is really becoming a go to favorite of mine!!!  I learned how to do it from Rebeeca's little tutorial over here, and it is just so fun and fast, and gives a beautiful flowing look to any quilt.  It makes such a wonderful contrast to all of the sharp angles in this quilt ;)

And this is another quilt that has already found a new home.  I finished this up a few weeks ago, and last week had the wonderful opportunity to gift it to a family friend's son who just got married!!!  I just love being able to share these quilts especially at weddings. I just love getting to give quilty hugs as gifts, it truly makes me so Happy Quilting!!!

 And that is my Jolly Bar Meringue quilt!!!  If you would like to make your own Jolly Bar Meringue quilt you can find the free pattern here and the accompanying You Tube Video right here that walks you through putting it together ;)   And be sure to pop on over to the Jolly Jabber for lots more Jolly Bar Meringue finishes.  It's always fun to see how many ways you can put together the same design.

Thanks for popping in today and sharing this fun finish with me :)   I just like to think that we are all wrapping the world in one quilty hug at a time!!!   So wonderful!!! 

I hope you all had a very Happy Quilting Weekend and have a wonderfully Happy Quilting Day!!

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  1. I just love love love your version! I made mine with the same fabric line and I love how different they are! The grey grunge is just amazing with this line!

  2. What a fun versatile pattern. Your quilt turned out beautifully!

  3. this quilt looks..... sharp hahaha
    I like it very much. It looks sweet and dramatic

  4. Sharp, indeed! It’s an awesome finish.

  5. Hi Melissa! I love your version of Jolly Bar Meringue. The colors and fabrics you chose - ooh-la-la. Yes please to the layout change too. All around a crowd pleaser, and I'll bet the newlyweds are just thrilled. Happy Happy Tuesday to you. ~smile~ Roseanne

  6. Love your layout. Make a cool secondary pattern.


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