Friday, January 11, 2019

Star Surround Finish . . . Finally!!!!

Well, today is an exciting day because today I get to share my oldest Work in Progress all finished!!!  I can't think of a better way to start the year out then with a finish that has been waiting since Sept. 2013 to be completed!!!     So without further ado . . . Here is my Star Surround Quilt all quilted and bound and ready to be loved!!!! 

So, if you can't remember (because ya know, 5 years) Star Surround was my Annual Quilt Along that I hosted back in 2013.  We had nearly 100 folks quilt along and some amazing finishes, in fact, you can still see the Parade of Finishes over here!!!  And, if you want to make your own, just like all my Quilt Along's all the posts are still available.   Here is a quick link to each of the tutorials for making this quilt ;) 

And so why so long to finish this quilt.   Truth, I'm not really sure.  It just kind of happened.   I finished my quilt top right along with everyone else's back in 2013 but then I had a deadline project so I didn't quilt it right away.   So I hung it in a closet since it was all pressed and ready (which I don't do anymore!!!) and sort of forgot about it in there.    Then two years ago, I was participating in some online prompt of pictures and it asked for your oldest WIP and I remembered this in the closet.   So I pulled it out, and put it on the "to be quilted ironing board" by the long arm.   But I was thinking it needed some major custom quilting, and I knew that would take a little bit, so other quilt tops kept being put on top of it, that would be faster.    And needless to say, it got buried for a while again. Until I finally decided, it was how I was going to start the new year, and it didn't matter how I finished it, just as long as I finished it!!! 

And I am so happy to have it done, because I just love it!!!  I always loved this design!!!  You all know how much I like to make star quilts, and I just loved the surround and the secondary designs it created.   And I made mine in the 96" x 96" big queen size, so now it can be used and loved ;)

So the quilting, like I said, I just wanted to finish it!!!  So I did an all over loose feather design, which is so fast and so fun to quilt!!  The whole time I was quilting it, I just kept thinking to myself, why did you wait so long for something that took 3 hours to do!!!   And I even had the binding all ready to go.  Yes, it has been sitting on a shelf for 5 years!!!  So it went right on after this came off the frames. 

And it just looks so awesome!!!  This pic cuts off three of the Stars, (it really is a big quilt!!!) but it is the best to show the actual design.   I love these big blocks, and it is just going to be a stunner on a bed :)   Know to just decide whose bed to put it on, tee hee hee.  

And that is my Star Surround Quilt Along Quilt!!!   And I am so, so, so happy with the finish!!!   And I want to say thank you to everyone that quilted along with me back then,  as well as to those that have participated in other Quilt Along's with me throughout the year.  It really is so much fun to sew with you all.   And I promise, I won't ever let one of these hang out this long again!!!  In fact, with this done, I only have 2 quilt tops waiting in the "to be quilted" pile, and that just makes me smile!!!

I hope you all have a very Happy Quilting Weekend!!

Linking this finish to Myra's, and Sarah's ;)
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  1. It's beautiful! I adore the soft and gorgeous colors, and those feathers are so yummy looking!

  2. I just love this pattern. On my list!

  3. It looks so nice. Was it really that long ago?

  4. Stunning! I did the quilt along many years ago. I might just have to go look to see who I gave it to.

  5. So stunning!!!! Love the colors! I am so glad it is out of the closet so it can shine! Bravo! 👏

  6. I hate when I procrastinate on something and when I finally buckle down I realize it wasn't really such a big deal. So glad you finished this, it's gorgeous! Good for you for starting off the new year with a great completion.

  7. What a gorgeous quilt!! Congrats on the finish and personally I think it was worth the wait!!! The quilting is fabulous and this is such a beautiful quilt!!!

  8. Gorgeous! Those colors are mine! Just beautiful!

  9. I just found my large Star Surround, to be made into a pillowcover, hanging on my to-be quilted rack. I even bought the pillow form for it - I think I'll try to finish it this weekend!

  10. Congratulations on this long-awaited finish, Melissa! It came out beautiful, well worth the wait. Isn't it kind of like a visit from a time traveler when you pick up a project that you set aside so long ago? Weird how strong the memories of time and place are tied to the things we were making with our hearts and our hands.

  11. Lovely and congratulations on your finish.

  12. Sometimes it takes that long to decide on how to quilt it. I think it was well worth the wait!

  13. Replies
    1. If you click on the links at the top of the post, you will be taken to the individual tutorials to make each part of the quilt as part of the quilt along :)

  14. What a gorgeous quilt! Thanks so much for reposting the links!

  15. I love the story of the recipient as much as I love the quilt! What a wonderful gift...and how serendipitous (love that word!) that green was her husband's favorite color. I hope it brings her much comfort. Well done! (We just buried my BIL on Saturday so this story particularly touched me!)


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