Friday, March 8, 2019

11 Might be To Many???

So here I am, starting some more New Projects ;)   Which is always a fun thing, but I might be getting a little out of control.   I noticed this morning that I now have 11 bindings ready for finished quilts.   That means I have 11 current WIP's with shorter deadlines.  I don't make the bindings first for my longer "just enjoy the process" projects as it throws me off, which is good, as I have about 4-5 of those too, tee hee hee.   So ya, I think it is time to buckle down and start making some finishes.  The good new is, 2 of these are quilt tops ready to be quilted, 3 are quilt blocks ready to be sewn into a quilt top, and 2 are projects that have quite a bit of piecing done.   There are only these 4 brand new ones :)

I am so super excited to be a part of  Poppie Cotton's new Prairie Sisters Fabric Blog Tour.   Poppie Cotton is a new fabric company started by my good friend Jina Barney and Lori Woods.  Their fabrics are just beautiful and are wonderful to sew with.   To see more of the Prairie Sisters Fabric Blog Tour check out the Poppie Cotton Blog.  I will be sharing my project on March 20th, and I can't wait.

And then I was asked by another wonderful friend if I wanted to do a little secret sewing :)   And of course, I love a little secret sewing and since I don't have to keep this one secret for to long, I was all in.  For this project I am using these adorable Gretel Fabrics from my wonderful friend Amy Smart!!  And I am glad I don't have to keep this project secret for to long, because with these adorable fabrics, I just now it is going to be so cute, and I can't wait to share more!!

And with all of that, I couldn't help but jump in on the Moda Love sew-along.  I know, I really don't need another project, and I am late to the game, but I have had this pattern saved since it first came out and always wanted to make it.   And so the other day I pulled out some stashed layer cakes and starting mixing two.   Yup, this project to make a Moda Love quilt, turned into 2 Moda Love quilts :)   But these are going to be super fast to sew up, right ;)

And as I am writting this post, I just got word that I had a magazine submission accepted.  So fun!!!  So I guess that makes 12 :)    It is going to be a weekend full of petal to the metal kind of stitching!!!

I hope you all have a very Happy (and hopefully productive) Quilting Weekend!!!

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  1. I got tired just reading all of that! I'm sure they will all be beautiful!

  2. It's never too many! It was fun to have a peek at your to-do pile!

  3. Zoooooom and they will all be done in a snap.

  4. Hmm, makes my out-of-control pile of WIPs not look so bad. I'm usually a finisher, but man I've got a lot on the go! It's hard not to stop though!


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