Monday, April 22, 2019

Spring Break aka Why I haven't Sewn for a Week ;)

Yup, it has been a little quiet around here the last few days . . . and that is because last week was Spring Break!!!  An entire week with the kids out of school just itching for something fun to do.  And we sure had fun and got a lot done as well, double bonus!!!  We started the week off in Salt Lake visiting Grandma and Grandpa (my parents :)   My kids love the beach, and since there are no beaches in Salt Lake, we went to the next closest thing, the Aquarium ;)    The kids loved it!!!  But seriously, try to take a picture of 5 kids, standing still in a dark building when there are a million things to see . . . this is the best I got :)

The next day we did a little window shopping :)  Gardner Village was one of my favorite places to go growing up because I just loved how every little house (shop) was like a whole new world when you stepped inside.  Each place is unique and full of character and oh so much fun to find lots of hidden treasures inside. The girls loved that they were just starting to put out all the fairy homes for the woodland fairy festival!!!    But ya, my big kids favorite find . . . an elevator with furniture in it.   I think they could have ridden that elevator all day and been happy.   Well, that and feeding the ducks would have been a close second ;)

And then it was time to come home to Cedar City, and we just happened to bring Grandma (my mom pictured above) with us.   And when Grandma comes to visit, it always means big projects!!!  She is so amazing in that way.  Things that I have been procrastinating forever, she helps me whip out in a few days.   And this time, it was painting!!!  Kamryn and Jocelyn had gone through a paint peeling phase a while back (read mom gets really frustrated) and their walls were still showing the effects of that phase.   So it was time for a fresh coat.   And Kamryn picked (read with some persuasion from mom :)  this beautiful soft pink for her walls.  The color is called Rosy Outlook by Sherwin Williams, just fyi. 

And we leaned towards this soft pink, because I started working on a new quilt at a retreat (yes, I actually got to take a class!!!)  for Kamryn's bed called Sweet Blend and I am using the beautiful bold colors of Amy Ellis's Wanderlust fabric for it.  I think that soft pink would be the perfect compliment to it ;)   And as much as we loved the Sunkissed by Spring quilt that has been on her bed for some time, it has been well loved, and is ready to be changed out for something a little more young lady than young girl ;)  I think this is going to work perfectly!!!

And after finishing up Kamryn's room, we moved into Jocelyn's room.   And she loves purple!!! Wonder where she gets it from ;)    So we choose two beautiful shades called Teaberry and Rosebay and went to work.   And remember how I said my mom is amazing at doing things I have procrastinated . . . Ya, it has driven me nuts that their beds were ivory and their moldings were white, but I wasn't about to tackle painting two bed frames.   Mom to the rescue, not only did we paint two rooms we also painted two bed frames.   And they are so pretty and perfect!!!!

And even though Jocelyn Sister's Choice  quilt still matches these walls, I think it is only fair she gets a new quilt as well.   And I am thinking these gorgeous prints from Bungalow by Kate Spain.   Won't that just make the softest quilt to go with these more bold colors on the wall.   And then a new curtain in one of those floral prints . . . It's gonna be so good. 

Now I just need to decide what quilt pattern to make for Jocelyn's bed . . . so many choices ;)   Anyone have a favorite Fat Eighth pattern that would be perfect for a 8 into tween years ???

So ya . . . all in all, an amazing spring break with lots of fun and oh so much productivity in the home, which of course, makes me so very happy.   But today, it's time to get back to some sewing, I have missed my machine and it is calling my name ;)

I hope you all have a very Happy Quilting Day!!!1
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  1. Thank God for moms.
    What a great week and so happy all of you had a great superb time together.
    The kids are getting so big.

  2. So fun! Also, Kate Spain's Desert Rose pattern is great for F8ths. I made one, but reduced the number of blocks to make it twin size.

  3. No wonder there wasn't a lot of sewing. You guys accomplished so much. The rooms look great.


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