Monday, May 6, 2019


This last weekend I had the wonderful opportunity to teach at the Utah Quilting and Sewing Marketplace Show.  This was my first time teaching at this show, and wow, it was a whirlwind of quilting awesomeness!!!  And now I look back on the last few days and realized, it all went so fast!!!  Of course, I had plans to take lots of pictures and share what was going on each day, and ya, I didn't post a single thing and barely took any pictures outside of the classroom.  But it's all good, because the classroom part was where it was so much fun!!!! 
 I taught 4 classes and did a trunk show in two days and it was oh so much fun!!!   Especially because this UQSM Show had a lot of first's for me.   This was the first time I taught at a show where the machines were provided!!  It was so nice for students in classes not to have to lug around their machines, and while there was for sure a learning curve on sitting down to a new machine, they had reps there available in class to help us with any machine difficulties, which was oh so nice!!! 

And with 4 classes, and three of those four being pretty much full, it was some serious pedal to the medal kind of sewing for two days.   And oh we all had so much fun!!!  And even with that, Barbara still had time to squeeze in a first of getting to hold a "Brand New Someday Quilter" while her mom stitched away in class.   Isn't Shauna's wee one just the cutest!!!

And another first for me, I got to award a ribbon at the Quilt Show!!!   Every teacher was given a Teachers Choice Ribbon and you all know me, I was looking for the quilt that just made me Happy!!  And this C'est La Vie quilt was made by Charlene Russell and quilted by Cathie Zimmerman both from Utah.   It is part of the Moda Challenge Exhibit and was auctioned off on Saturday for the Sew Much Hope Charity Auction!!!

Which was another first for me at a quilt show as well!!!  I have made lots of quilts for Shows and Market and for Good Causes, but never have I gotten to have it auctioned off in a live auction, by an actual auctioneer.   I made this Back to Basics quilt for the auction, and I was sad that I wasn't able to be there in person for the live part, as I was headed back home to be with the family, but I heard that it went great, and that everyone had an amazing time, and a lot of funds were raised for the Sew Much Hope cause, which just makes me so happy!!!

And with all of the new stuff at this show, there was one thing that wasn't new . . . the aftermath ;)     Like I said, I got to teach 4 classes, and do a trunk show.  And the Trunk Show was totally awesome and I wish I would have taken a picture of it, but of course,  I was up front talking at 100 miles an hour about how much I love quilting!!  (please tell me you all talk way fast when get so excited to share)    But even after great classes, and a super fun trunk show,  which I took 50 quilts to share for, it all has to be put away :)  

So ya, I know I said at the beginning that the classroom was the most fun, and it totally was!!!!    But I will have to promise to share pictures in the next few days of how everyone's blocks came together in class, because right now, I have to go unpack so I can actually get to my sewing machine ;)

And hey, if you are in the Salt Lake area around May 2020, you are so going to want to put UQSM on your calendar!!!  It is a don't miss event and I can't wait for next year ;)  

I hope you all have a very Happy Quilting Day!!!

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  1. I bet that was fun and interesting too!

  2. Oh the babies. Shauna's baby girl is the sweetest. I love being a gramma to 4 tiny baby girls (from both of my daughters) So, I know it is wonderful to have a little baby in the room.
    I am certain you had a wonderful time teaching and playing.
    That pile of baggage and supplies looks like a big clean up.

  3. Your auction quilt was really striking! The black just made the colors pop!


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