Friday, October 11, 2019

Bee Block Catch Up

So I am normally totally on top of getting my Bee Blocks out each month, but I have to admit to playing a little catch-up this morning. I don't know how these kept getting pushed to the bottom of the "to do right now" pile, but alas, they did.   I couldn't take it anymore and this morning I just pushed everything off the cutting table and pulled out my little bee mailers.  And I am happy to say they are now all in the mail!!!

So here they are.   A Land that I Love Block designed by Heather Valentine is making it's way to Shari :)  Isn't this just the cutest block!!!

This fun square in a square with some HST corners block is making it's way to Amy!  I so love that texture grey background!!

And this Granny Block is for Tamara!  Aren't those just the cutest little fabrics, especially the kissing birdies :)

While this Granny Block is on it's way to Kimberly!!  Kimberly asked us not to trim and I think it makes this finished block look so cool ;) 

Ahh, I love the feeling of being caught up.   Maybe I won't pull all of that "other" stuff back on the cutting board for a little bit and pretend I am all caught up with everything, tee hee hee!!
I hope you all have a very Happy Quilting Weekend!!! 

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  1. Love your granny block! It would be great for all the fat quarters I have laying around!

  2. You have been a busy girl! Smart not to trim the granny blocks!


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