Monday, October 21, 2019

Desert Quilter's of Nevada!!!

I had the wonderful opportunity this last weekend to spend some time with the Desert Quilters of Nevada and what an amazing weekend it was!!!  It started out on Thursday night with a trunk show from my  Irish Chain Quilts book, which is always so much fun!!!  I just love getting to share these quilts and the stories that go along with each one :)  And of course, since I was talking and Barbara was helping hold quilts, I don't have pics of the actual trunk show, but my friend Christa Watson was there and snapped this pic of me before it all started, so I am sharing it, thanks Christa!!!

 And wow, was the place packed for the Trunk Show!!!   This was a new venue for the DQN and they filled it to capacity.  This picture was before the meeting even started and it go super full by the time the trunk show started ;)   So fun!!!  They were walking the quilts down the center isle so everyone could see them, which worked out really well!! 

And my new friend Georgi brought her Star Light Star Bright quilt to share with me at the Trunk Show as well!!!  Didn't she do such an amazing job.  I love her color choices and placement, just so fun!!!   And what a treat!!!    I love it when people bring quilts that they have made using my patterns, tutorials, and quilt along's ;)   It really is a cherry on top of an already amazing day!!!   

Friday morning started class time!!!  And these ladies were so much fun!!!  Seriously, we stitched and laughed and then stitched and laughed so more ;)     On Friday we worked on the Unraveled quilt from Irish Chain Quilts.   And these ladies finished all of the blocks for the entire quilt and several of them got a really good start on putting their rows together.  They will have them done in no time at all!!!   And I can't wait to see them finished up ;)

And on Saturday, we did a class on Charm Bracelet from Irish Chain Quilts.  This is one of the quilts from the Improvosational Chains section and it was so great to share how fun wonky can be.  And as you can see, they stitched up a storm, with lots of laughs and chatting along the way, of course. I was so impressed that everyone finished their blocks and got them started sewing together into the quilt tops!!!

And we even had a couple finishes in class!!!  How fun is that!!!  Kathy finished up her I Spy version of Charm Bracelet and I just love all of these happy prints and bright colors.  Didn't she do such an amazing job!!!   She is planning to donate hers to charity, and what a special quilt it will make for a special little one :)

And this is Charlie's quilt!!!   And can I just say wow!!!  Charlie is 10 and this is her first quilt finish!!!   And you better believe we all got a little teary eyed when she finished and was dancing around the room with it she was so excited ;)     I love that DQN has a youth program and is encouraging passing on quilting to the next generation.   Analia (on the front row in the black hat above) was also in my class and is in High School.   She only has to finish sewing her rows together and she will be done as well.    Isn't that just so incredible.   I couldn't think of better way to end my trip than seeing these two beautiful young ladies be so thrilled with their quilts.  There was a lot of hugs all around when it was time to go, and I just loved it!!!! 

So thank you so much Desert Quilter's of Nevada for having me!!!  It was a very special treat and a wonderful weekend ;)    

And posting this made me realize I never posted my teaching trip to Quilt Fest in September.  So that will be coming soon as well ;) 

Hope you all have a very Happy Quilting Day!!! 
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  1. What a wonderful set of classes, and how wonderful to have the teen=agers in your class, and to hear of their excitement with their projects!! So happy you got to participate in that!! Hugs, H

  2. It’s quite obvious from the pictures that everyone had a wonderful time.

  3. It was so fun to see you and all the quilts!!


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