Saturday, January 18, 2020

Renovation - Week 1

Well, we are one week into the Renovation and I am just so happy so much was done ;)  It's kind of funny, I had prepared for the mess, and chaos, and craziness, but somehow I forgot about preparing for the noise.   And let me tell you, it was a loud week!!!   But nothing that a few Tylenol and a nap couldn't fix, tee hee hee.   So here is the weekly rundown ;)

DAY 1 -   Was a complete demolition day.  There were so many people working, and they did such a great job and go so much done in one day!!!    Everything came out of the kitchen, and I mean everything.   It was just a big open space by the end of the day. 

The Sun room also got redone, with all the windows being taken out and new framing.   And I could already tell it was warmer.  So nice!!

And last but not least, on Day 1 the front room fireplace was taken apart.   And then they even had the new gas fireplace insert to put in it's place, so we could get an idea of what it is going to look like.     Talk about a great first day ;)

DAY 2 - And this was the day when the noise really got crazy.  Taking tile out is a very loud, and very mess job.  

 The wonderful tile workers managed to get all of the kitchen tile out on Day 2. 

DAY 3 - The tile workers moved to the Dining room and Hallways.   And again, another loud day, but just wow, what a change with the tile gone.

And while the tile was being taken out of the dining room, the sun room was getting instillation and HVAC was installing a gas line for the fireplace and moving some air returns.  Much easier with access to the floor boards ;)

DAY 4 - Was electrical.  These guys were amazing.  They arrived at 7:30 and worked until 7:30 that night doing so much electrical.   All of the lights had to be moved, new outlets, new lines for additional lighting, and a redo of the electrical panel in order to support it all.   They were just so great!!!   And they got everything done so that  . . .

DAY 5 - Could start off with a passed electrical inspection.  Yippee!!!    Which meant the Dry Waller's could come that afternoon.    The sun room was framed with the electricians day, and by the end of yesterday I could actually see my new pantry.   How fun is that!!!  

So that is Week 1!!!   So productive and so very exciting ;)   But I will admit, I am enjoying the peace and quiet today.    It's so all going to be worth it when it's all done though, and the temporary kitchen is working out great.  So I think we are all going to manage just fine ;)   Be back next weekend with another report.   I can't wait to see what all is done!!!
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  1. Loving seeing renovations but not doing them. It so much easier to build from scratch, ha ha. Your work crew is zipping right along.

  2. excellent that the schedule worked out perfectly. So far so good. I am sure it was loud. Everything looks good I guess. What a mess. aaak.
    Yep, it is worth the suffering to just camp out for a while, I hope this is over super fast

  3. That's so much progress in a week! I'm glad you had that mini-kitchen option in your sewing room -- this would be a much more difficult process if you didn't. Thank you for sharing; I love seeing renovations!

  4. Love to see when a plan comes together with no mystery finds.

  5. Wow! Your crew is really moving. It seems to me that any renovations we have done have moved at a snails pace! I am excited for you!

  6. Wow that's really fast. So much done in such a short amount of time. At the rate they're going, you'll be cooking in your new kitchen by this time next week :)
    Enjoy the peace and quiet today.

  7. ok, your construction people are so much faster than I would have imagined!!! Too bad they don't work all over the US!! :-) Glad it is moving along so well! :-) Hugs, H

  8. Wow! Lots of progress! I’m impressed! Who is the general on the job?

    1. It is Dennis Gray with Precision Development. He is fabulous!!!

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  10. Great progress, what a difference a week makes.

  11. May I say, I am glad I am not there for the noice. I hope it all continues to go well.

  12. I am so happy for you! I never minded noise from the workers when we did projects. The outcome is so worth it.

  13. Ah yes, the noise. Hang in there. I’m glad you’ve had such good crews working so far. A great beginning!

  14. We've been in the middle of a reno that started in late March - our house had electric baseboard heat (expensive!) and we started with a gas furnace - installed in April and finally hooked up in Oct. Now the new walls, updated wiring and insulation are in place - wallboard should be going in this week, then new carpet and paint... Hoping to be completed by this March? Glad that your project is going so quickly!

  15. I hope the "going back together" is as efficient and perfect as the demolition was! May you pass every inspection as easily as you did the electrical inspection!! I can't wait to see the finished house!!!


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