Friday, April 24, 2020

Jessi's Paper Piecing Adventure!!

First off, I have to apologize for missing Throwback Thursday yesterday.   I didn't even realize it was Thursday until half way through the morning, and then I couldn't get on the computer until my kids were done with school.  By that time, the day just sort of swept away.   Sorry about that . . . But I will be sure to make next weeks post Doubly Great!!! 

And the biggest part of my day being swept away . . . Trying to teach my daughter Paper Piecing!!!  Jessica has been taking a Textile class this year and one of their final projects is paper piecing.  And so of course I told her I could help her out :)   And here is her finished project.  A Tulip Potholder :)   Super cute, just like her!!!

And yes, I am sure you are all looking at that little block and thinking why did it take the whole afternoon . . . you might recall, I am not the best at Paper Piecing.  It makes my brain hurt every time, and here I am . . . trying to teach a left handed person how to paper piece and doing it all backwards.   Being honest here . .  there was for sure seam ripping, incorrect trimming (Jessi managed to cut off a piece she had just sewn on ;) , backwards pieces, a little fudging, and a whole lot of laughing (and maybe a few frustrated grunts here and there ;)   I asked her if she liked Paper Piecing and she said "I Love It Mom" with this facial expression.    But hey,  we finished and she has a super cute pot holder to show for it that she made on her own and learned a new technique!!   And I, well I have lots of memories and time with my daughter. Win-Win in my book!!! 

And speaking of Jessi, during Spring Break last week, I got her to spend some time with me in the sewing room and she finished up her Stack and Whack quilt top that she started back here.    Yes, as in started 2 years ago.   You can see how much she has grown since the start.   Now she just has to put it on the long arm and get it quilted up.  I am hoping to work on that with her soon but it means I need to get my quilt off the long arm first.

So I best go get stitching ;) 

But real quick, I have to say, getting to stitch with my kiddo's is such a blessing.  I just love being able to pass on my love of all things quilting to my children.   Once school gets done, if we are still all "staying at home" I see lots more sewing projects for our future.   Luckily, I have enough fabric for them all and then some :)

I hope you all have a very Happy Quilting Weekend!!! 
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  1. Lovely daughter, lovely tulip, and very nice stack and whack quilt top. Nadine W. N. Cali

  2. So fun to see her lovely tulip! And such beautiful daughters!!! Tell your other daughter that two years is not a long time to finish up a quilt. I've got quilts that could be grandmother's to hers! LOL!!! Yes, paper piecing sure takes a different type of thinking!! I've done it quite a few times, and let me tell you, I've definitely done the backwards, cut it too small, and any other thing that you can do wrong on it!! But I love it for it's accuracy, so I'll do it again if the future. :-) Have a wonderful weekend!! Hugs, H

  3. Oh my goodness, me too about sewing with the kids! My 8 year old has started sewing and I can't stop her! I feel like I spend more time getting stuff ready for her to sew than I do sewing myself these days. It's OK, it will be worth it in the long run. It's an important skill to have.

  4. Jessi did a great job on her potholder! My brain has a hard time doing paper piecing! So glad you are getting quality time with your daughter! I hope you post a picture of her finished quilt! I have wonderful memories of my mom teaching me to sew doll clothes and later my own clothes! Those memories are priceless now that she is gone!

  5. Que feliz poder enseƱar a tu hija
    Cuidate y besos


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