Monday, April 20, 2020

Time for some Happy Quilting!!!!

This last week was "Spring Break".   Which, of course,  was a little different than past Spring Breaks.   We still tried to make it a fun week off for the kids with hiking, nerf wars (the boys choice) tons of family board games and a trip to the Beaver Creamery for ice cream.  But it was much more laid back than normal.   And I especially noticed the slow down because we weren't doing online school for a week.   So I took full advantage of the slowdown and stitched, and stitched, and stitched!!!    And  now I have 6 quilt tops ready for quilting!!!!!

I have had so many of these blocks in various phases of completion and have had piles all over the sewing room.  I can't tell you how great it feels to have them all in one nice stack now.   I finished up my Sparkly Stars Halloween Quilt that I started from this throwback.     I pieced together my Vintage Charm quilt top, from the class I took in January and I just love it's beautiful fall goodness!!!   And do you remember my Be Fruitful Quilt plan from the one block I shared way back here . . .  well, from one block to quilt top ;)   And super fun, Corey Yoder is releasing a new pattern of this block called Marketplace that will be available super soon!!! 

And then, I also worked on some Charming Baby Quilts remakes ;)    I started a Ring Around The Rosie remake back in February and it was time to get it done!!!  This quilt was the least far along of all 6, so it took the most time, but I am so super excited because it is going to be a new king size quilt for my bed!!!   Can't wait to get it quilted and bound ;)    And while I was making bigger quilts, I decided to make a Layer Cake version of A Star is Born!!!    It is going to be amazing!!!   And finally, I quadrupled my Daisy Mae Dream Big quilt I had shared back here and added a border.   And it is just so pretty!!!!

So now, it is time for some serious Happy Quilting!!!!   We are also back to online school, so I won't have near as much time to put my head down and just stitch away.   But I don't want these tops lying around forever now . . . so here is to some finishes to share super soon ;)

I hope you all had a very Happy Quilting Weekend and here is to an amazing Happy Quilting Day!!!
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  1. wonderful!!! We cannot go out anywhere here in Northern Virginia. Ice cream stores are closed!! I am sure it was very different for all of you. I am glad you made it special because this one is!
    I love your every single one of your beautiful quilt tops!!!

  2. That stack looks so awesome! I'm sure they will out turn out fantastic. So nice to have some time to finish up fun quilt tops.

  3. Congratulations on getting so much done. I have several quilts in the works waiting for needed fabric to arrive someday. USPS lost the package for a week before getting it back on track.


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