Saturday, May 9, 2020

Grad 2020 Masks!!!

13 of the Youth in my Church are graduating from High School this year.  I figured they needed custom masks for the occasion made of course, in their school colors!!!   I used this free Face Mask pattern from the Fat Quarter Shop and added the applique before sewing the two pieces together.  Didn't they just turn out so cute!!!  Even if they never wear them, I thought they would just be great to hang next to their diploma or with their tassel just as a reminder that they graduated in Quarantine :) 

So here is some of the tidbits I learned along the way, just in case you want to make a special applique mask for someone special ;)   And if you have never done Applique before, I have a Video Tutorial here that will walk you though it step by step.  It's super easy!!!   So, first off, I put Heat N Bond Lite on the back of a large piece of material and then from that cut out all my applique letters.  I was planning to use my Alphabet GO! Die, but the letters were to large,  so I went old school and used my Slice Cutter.  It isn't near as fast, (took me 1 1/2 hours to cut out all these letters) but it still beats cutting them out by hand ;) 

From there just press them onto one of your rectangles.   You can secure stitch them so they hold on better, but I was making 13 and didn't have the time to secure stitch them all.   So I am just counting on the Heat N Bond ;)   And something to help that out, when you go to pleat the masks, only press the edges, and not over top of the applique letters.  That just made them want to come loose.

Which occasionally, they are still going to do.   Nothing like a glue stick to solve that problem ;)  For those pieces of applique that had an edge or two popping up, I just put a little glue stick on the back and pressed in place with my finger :)  Good as new!!!

And that was about it.  The rest is just basically following the pattern ;)  I used the large size as I wanted plenty of room for the lettering.  I can't wait to give the Graduates these.  We are having a Graduation Drive By Celebration on Tuesday and these will be in the graduates gift baskests.  Should be an awesome day!!!   I love that we can still celebrate the big accomplishments, we just have to think outside the box of how to do it ;)

I hope you are all having a very Happy Quilting Weekend!!!   And if I don't have time to get on by tomorrow, here is wishing you all you amazing women a very  . . .   

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  1. A great idea Melissa, and a very kind memory gift. They will appreciate the tangible thought. When I was attending university, there was a strike during grad year, and my keepsake from that year is a tshirt reminding me that we managed thru the disruption. I love it.

  2. What a wonderful idea!! You are so sweet, and so creative!!! they are going to love those!!! Hugs, H

  3. How much would you charge for like three more?

    1. I thank you for your interest, but sadly, I am swamped and don't have time to take custom orders right now :)


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