Wednesday, June 30, 2021

My Favorite Color is Moda Sampler - Block 1

 So remember at the beginning of the year when I said I was going to  join in the QAL  for the  My Favorite Color is Moda Sampler???  Well, I am thrilled to say, that I finally started and made Block 1.   And boy oh boy, this was a big first block!!!  This finishes at 36".  It could be a baby blanket all on it's own.    And isn't it just so bright and happy in these Sunrise colors!!

You might recall, how I mentioned that I had just enough "morning sunrise"  grunge goodness to make this quilt.   Well, I did have just enough, but I highly recommend just using the directed yardage in the pattern or getting a Kit.    I think not having the right cuts of yardage is what took me so long to get started on this.  

It's not that the cutting was hard, but it was written for that specific amount of yardage.  So because I was using smaller scrap pieces, I had to check every cut to make sure I had enough of the piece I was using to cut out all the pieces in that color for a specific block.   So ya, basically, I made this much harder than it needed to be, spent 6 hours, and nearly made my head explode . . . but am happy to say it all worked out, and I had about 1/8 yard left of one red piece.   (and yes, there were several times I was piecing together smaller pieces to make the size piece I needed, gotta love piecing to make 1 piece ;)  

But now, it is done and I am so excited.   I bagged up each of the blocks, and already just want to start sewing them all together.   Who knows if I will catch up and actually QAL or if I will just make up all the blocks.   I am just thrilled they are all cut and ready to go.   And I just love the way the colors came out in the first block, it is making me all the more excited to get some more done!!!  

You could always join in this quilt along too.  Obviously, it is never to late to get started :)  Just grab your My Favorite Color is Moda booklet and a stack of 10 Colors (but again, get the right amount of yardages stated :)   and away you go!!

I hope you all have a Happy Quilting Day!!

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  1. I think it feels good to use up scraps, even though it takes longer to cut the project out. It feels like you're getting a quilt for free. I look forward to following your progress.

  2. Love the colors! That would make a great fall baby quilt!


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