Friday, August 6, 2021

Need a Quilting Marathon!!!

 So in this last week I was tidying up the sewing room and realized that I had 6 sets of finished blocks all in different piles waiting to be sewn into quilt tops.   I don't know what hit me, but I decided that was just not gonna fly anymore.  So I got busy!!!  I sewed all 6 sets of blocks into quilt tops and made quilt backs for them all as well.  Then I was on such a Finishing tare, I decided I need to also finish the quilt tops and backs for the three new WIP I had just started.  So, I added 9 to the "To Be Quilted" and was blown away to find there were already 10 waiting!!!!   So ya, 19 Projects that have the quilt top, backing, and binding made and are just waiting to be quilted :)

Yup, I need to have a Quilting Marathon!!!  If only that were an Olympic Sport, tee hee hee.

I am hoping to start working through this soon, the kids go back to school in 2 weeks so I think I can really start making some progress then.

Can't wait to share more soon . . . and speaking of share, I have a secret sewing project that I will be sharing on Monday, so be sure to pop back in next week!!

I hope you all have a very Happy Quilting Weekend!!

P.S.  Just in case you are worried, I have also cut out 5 new quilts in the last week, so never fear, I don't think I will ever run out of Works in Progress :)   

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  1. If it was an olympic sport - I would see a gold medal in your future ;-) what fun!!

  2. Wow, I thought I had a lot in the 'quilting que' LOL Can't wait to see all of these as you start to knock them out :-)

  3. OMG. Just reading about all of those quilts leaves me tired. I could probably slip in a a UFO and you would not notice!! ��

  4. Oh wow. That’s a mountain of quilts…

  5. But just think how nice that is to have all those ready with backings and bindings for when you are in the mood to just quilt.

  6. LOL maybe we should have quilter's olympics!?!
    I have the same problem/blessing!

  7. Around here, twenty ongoing projects is merely the norm.


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