Friday, October 8, 2021

Garden of Quilts 2021!!!

 So after teaching two days in Layton, Barbara and I headed down the I-15 to beautiful Thanksgiving Point in Lehi, Utah for the Garden of Quilts!!!   This was my first year teaching at Garden of Quilts and can I just say, It was incredible!!!!   Something about Gardens and Quilting put together just made for such an amazing few days full of beauty and wonder :)   I loved every minute of it, and we were certainly hoping for every minute of it as well.   So crazy busy, but oh so much fun!!!  

Thursday night I started off my Garden of Quilts Adventure with the Meet the Makers Night!!  I didn't get any pictures as I was busy signing and selling, but Riley Blake shared this image that gives you a little bit of an idea of just how crazy fun this event was!!   I got to meet so many quilters and oh, it was just such a wonderful evening.   It was followed with a Trunk Show by the Doan Ladies of Missouri Star Quilt Company and it was just incredible.  Amazing how you can Oohhh,  Aahhh, Laugh and Cry all in an hour :)  

And then the next morning, it was time for my Charming Baby Quilts Trunk Show!!!   And a huge thank you to my good friend Robin for getting a few shots of me ;)    There is nothing quite as enjoyable as getting to share my love of quilting with so many amazing quilters that share my passion.   I shared all of the Charming Baby Quilts as well as the Charming Baby Quilt Sampler shown here and the Charming Baby Quilt Remix's (details on all here)  

Oh, and side note, if you have never been to one of my trunk shows, I talk fast when I am talking about quilts.  I get so excited I can't help myself,  I had to stop and remind myself to breath :)   But I have to say, again, something about being outside in the Gardens made this Trunk Show just extra special.   I was under a big tent and it was just amazing to feel the breeze and see all of the quilts blowing in the distance.  It was a great show and an amazing audience!!!  

Right after the Trunk Show, it was time for my first class and I taught my Nordic Nights pattern ;)  This was a big class, (as you can see) but everyone did such a great job.   They tackled those curves and were just thrilled with their finishes!!!  And I just loved hearing "oh, that wasn't as hard as I thought it was going to be".   So great!!! 

And here is a closer look at each of their blocks.  Isn't it just amazing how they all look so different!!  I love that some are happy and bright while others are moody and subdued.   And again, Gotta love those dark backgrounds!!!   This was such a fun class and I am just so grateful to get to know all of these amazing quilters :)  We had a wonderful 3 hours together stitching all the curves!!!

Saturday morning started off with Desert Rose pattern.   This was another big class, in fact, it was so big, we had to spill out into the hall to get a group picture :)  And I was just so proud of each of these ladies!!!  I told them at the beginning of class that this was a big block and would take some serious focus to get it done in class, well they got right to it!!!  And of course, we still had plenty of laughs along the way!! 

6 of the 20 ladies in class got their blocks completely finished, and the rest all got their first 2 layers finished, which is our goal for class.   They just did amazing!!   And I just love how everyone gets so excited to see all of those points line up in this class.   It is just fun to see that moment when they see their block all done and are super proud of their work!!  

And the final class I taught on Saturday afternoon was my Decades Past pattern.   We didn't get a group picture as quite a few students had flight changes or needed to get on the road early.   So we just snapped shots as they finished.   So cute!!!    And this was the perfect class to have on a Saturday afternoon.  It goes together super fast and it a really fun one to make.  Just so awesome!!!    These ladies all did a great job ;)

And then it was time for Barbara and I head back down the I-15 to good ol Cedar City.   Wow, just wow!!!  I can't believe how amazing this trip was!!!   In a nutshell, 4 Days, 2 Venues, 6 Classes, 1 Trunk Show, and endless quilting goodness!!! Can't wait for next year!!!

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  1. Beautiful blocks. They must have a great teacher! Looks like a lot of fun!

  2. Oh, it looks like a great event! Thanks so much for sharing your experience teaching classes at the event. I'd love to attend next year!

  3. So fun! I hope to get to Garden of Quilts: I thought it would be this year, I am literally in the middle of moving!! I hope I get to see your trunk show one day, and Hope to take your desert rose class too! Hugs, H

  4. You must be a great teacher; those blocks look amazing!


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