Monday, October 18, 2021

Jessica's Charming Tote

We spent this weekend up at Bob and Barbara's (My amazing in-laws) cabin.   Before we headed up, Jessica mentioned that she would like to make a Charming Tote for her to use at church.  Of course, I was more than happy to help her whip one up ;)  If you haven't made one yet, you can pop over here for the free step by step tutorial to whip one up yourself ;)  All you need is a Charm Pack and 2/3 Yard of a coordinating print.  But fair warning, you can't make just one ;)  

And we had so much fun making this!!!   I just love sewing up the mountain, it is so peaceful and relaxing ;)   Jessica did all of the stitching, and she asked me to do ironing for her so she could just sit and chain stitch without stopping.  Ya, that made this mom's heart happy!!!    The best part of making the whole tote though was watching Jessica try and choose a  Charm Pack  from my Stash.  She just liked so many, she had to give a ranking system to each to finally decide on  Twilight by 1 Canoe 2 for Moda Fabrics :)  

And it make the prettiest tote!!!   Jessica asked if I could quilt it for her as she loves my quilted swirls and in her words "I can't make it look near as pretty as you mom".  So I gave in and quilted it for her only after she promised she would quilt up her finished Stack and Whack quilt top from forever ago ;)   And obviously, she loves it :)  

I just love sewing with my kids!!  It truly is a joy to get to pass on my love of quilting to them.   And signing along to tunes at the top of our lungs while stitching away with my girl is a true favorite.  

So do you have someone special you want to make a Charming Tote with??  Pop over here for the free step by step tutorial 

I hope you all have a very Happy Quilting (and Charming) Day!!! 

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  1. Jessica looks right at home sitting at the sewing machine! She’s a cutie! Her tote looks amazing! She picked a great charm pack too!

  2. What joy! That does melt a mom's heart. Love how our children surprise us in this way. The bag turned out lovely. I need to try one again too.

  3. This bag turned out lovely and it looks like so much fun to sew in the cabin!

  4. I am so glad I found your blog. Your posts are written beautifully, and Jessica is very talented with her sewing. The bag is perfect, and the swirls quilting is too!


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