Thursday, November 4, 2021

Planning for 2022

 I know, it's probably to early to be talking about 2022, but you know the next two months are just going to fly by :)    And I am an old school girl at heart, so even though the world continues to move to everything electronic, I still love a paper planner.   And I am super excited for this new Bee in my Bonnet Planner by Lori Holt.   You had me at Spiral Binding!!!   

Can I just say I Love this Planner and wish it was 2022 so I could start writting in it already.   (note, my 2021 planner was a cheapie and it has pretty much fallen apart, so I am ready to move on ;)      I love that along with a monthly calendar, there is also a weekly listing for days, that include plenty of lines to write down everything I need to get done.  Please tell me I am not the only one that writes down Make My Bed, on my To Do List just so I can cross it off a minute later :)  I think that is why I still love a paper planner, the satisfaction of getting to cross it off the list!!!    And including the Water, so brilliant and so helpful :)  So here is to crossing lots and lots of my 2022 list!!  

And something I am super excited to add to my 2022 To Do List . . . I finally ordered an Elizabeth Hartman kit!!!!  I got the Awesome Ocean Kit and it comes with this gorgeous rainbow of Kona Solids!!!  I have been admiring her amazing patterns for years, and have always thought, "One day I am going to make one of those."  Well, it won't be made in one day, but my plan is for 2022 to be the year :)  And I am so excited!!!!   I plan to donate this to the Festival of Trees next year, so I already have a deadline, which ya know, keeps this from joining the Long, Long, Long term projects, tee hee hee.  

So now I am wondering, for those of you that have made Elizabeth Hartman's amazing patterns before, any tips or tricks I should know about before getting started??

Thanks and hope you have a very Happy Quilting Day!!

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  1. I am old school as well! Have to have books and not electronic devices! I too have like her patterns! They are all so cute but have never made one! Looking forward to seeing yours!

  2. I am also an old-school paper planner user. I love lists, just so I can cross things off and (more and more lately) so I don’t forget things! I use the Quilters Planner. I have also bought an Elizabeth Hartman pattern, Dinosaurs, but have yet to even buy fabric for it. So I’m looking forward to you sharing your thoughts as you sew.

  3. I’ve made two Elizabeth Hartman animal quilts. When cutting I found it helpful to have ziplocks to store different width pieces, ie 1.5, 2.0, 2.5, etc. I could “go shopping” in my cut pieces when starting a new block that calls for certain widths. I would not cut all pieces for all blocks before you start. Many blocks use the same width/colors which you can easily use from these bags.
    Good luck and I can’t wait to see your quilt!

  4. I am also a list maker. That’s how I start my day. Anything from take out the trash to doctors appointments to get gas. And I love Lori Holts new planner and can’t wait to start using it.


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