Friday, December 24, 2021

Merry Christmas

 Merry Christmas from Our Family to Yours

Each year Jacob (my sweetheart) writes a Christmas Letter and I send it out to friends and family.  So of course, I wanted to share it with my friends here at Happy Quilting!!!   So here is what has been happening with the Corry's, and just a hint, there is a little secret sewing shared in it ;)  

Dear Family and Friends

            Another year has passed us by and unfortunately the Dodgers are no longer reigning World Series Champs, but at least the Astros didn’t win.     

            We are still happily settled in Cedar City. I fill my time with work, the cabin and helping to coach our county NICA mountain bike team in the summer and fall.

            Melissa continues to occupy herself with all things quilting. People are often amazed by how many quilts she puts together in a year. She’s been working on another book that I think will be released this coming year.

            Spencer is currently serving in the Frankfort Germany mission. We experienced home MTC together and even shipped him up to Salt Lake for a week while we went to Lake Powell early on. He was able to go straight to Germany from the MTC and has been over the pond (does that apply to all of Europe or just England?) since September. He is currently in his second area with his second companion. We love seeing and speaking with him every Thursday and miss him desperately. I have come to the conclusion that nothing can prepare you for your first child leaving home.

            Jessi is a junior at Success Academy and Cedar High School. She recently finished her 3rd Cross Country season. As she was able to run all season without injury it was a resounding success. She has also started dating and driving, neither of which give me significant comfort, but she hasn’t wrecked Penelope (the name she has given our 20 year old Ford Escape) and has a really good group of friends which does give me significant comfort.

            Kristian is a freshman at Success Academy and Cedar High School. He participated in his first high school mountain biking season this year (having competed as a Jr Devo rider the past 2 years). Obviously his biggest change of the year has been going from a shared room to having the whole room to himself. He keeps his room much cleaner now that his older brother is gone (one of the very few benefits to having Spencer gone). It seems Kristian has grown inches and dropped octaves in the past year and I find him to be quite helpful when working on projects around the house.

            Kamryn is a 7th grader as Cedar Middle School. She also took on Mountain Biking this year and thoroughly enjoyed herself. It was a challenge getting her over her fear on her first few rides, but once she got to know her coaches she settled in nicely and is looking forward to the spring when she can get back together with her teammates.  She also has found a love of playing the piano and is excelling quickly with her Aunt ShaLiece as her teacher. 

            Jocelyn is still our baby. I like to tease her that she doesn’t get to grow past 7. Alas she is a 4th grader at South Elementary. She spends most of her time at friends’ houses or in the basement or backyard with neighborhood friends. I’ve never known someone who can sing as much as she can. You never have to wonder if Josie is home. If you can’t hear singing, then she isn’t around.

            It has been a wonderful year for all of us. We wish you a Merry Christmas and if you are receiving this letter we look forward to the time we can see or talk with you again.



The Corry Family

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  1. Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful family. Wow, the kids are growing up, but they all sound like absolutely delightful kids. May you all have a happy and healthy New Year.

  2. How lovely to get to know something about you Melissa apart from quilting. What a wonderful family you have

  3. Merry Christmas to you Melissa: it was so nice to read of what your family is doing. I still think of your baby as the little girl who liked to play with your spools of quilting thread when she was the only one not at school! :-) Have a wonderful new year!! Hugs, H (PS. We've moved to a new town in California and will be just minutes from the Yuba City Temple when it is completed: we can't wait!!) Maybe this year I'll make it to a show or class and see you again!


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