Monday, April 18, 2022

Garden of Quilts!!

 I am just thrilled to share that I will once again be teaching at the Garden of Quilts in September of 2022.   And I will be teaching 8 classes!!!  Ya, can I just say how blown away I was when I got the email asking me if I would be up to teaching that many classes.   It's going to be busy but oh so much fun and I am so incredibly honored!!!  

The first Garden of Quilts was held in September 2019 to celebrate Riley Blake's 10th Anniversary!!!  The event was a huge hit.  And I just had so much fun last year being able to teach 3 classes and share a trunk show at Garden of Quilts.  It is just such an amazing venue and walking the gardens with all the quilts hanging is just such an inspiring experience!! 

 Registration for Garden of Quilts will be opening very soon . . . but for today, all of the classes are being shared, so you can start getting your 4 days of quilting goodness all planned out :) The event is held at Thanksgiving Point in Lehi Utah  on September 14th - 17th, 2022.  There are so many amazing classes to choose from and I am just thrilled to be among such an amazing group of teachers.  It's going to be amazing!!! 

I am just so excited to be coming back to Garden of Quilts and hope to see you there!!!  It really is a rock star line up of teachers (which I am so honored to be a part of!!) as well as an incredible venue of over 55 gorgeous acres hosting an amazing line up of quilts all in the wild.   You can see all of the details at the Main Garden of Quilts page .  

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  1. I love The Garden of Quilts.
    You are amazing Melissa. I am so happy to read your blog.


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