Thursday, July 28, 2022

New Scrap Fabric and Thread Storage!!!

 So, my scraps were past the point of no return.   I had been squishing them in their drawers for months and couldn't take them spilling out of the tops any longer . . . So . . . new Scrap Fabric Storage!!!!   (gotta love Amazon!)  And I am so excited!!!!   When I was looking for new storage, my biggest desire was more drawers so I could break up my scraps more . . .and so ya, I totally went for lots and lots of drawers!!! 

EDIT - many of you have asked for the link to where I got these on amazon, sorry, should have added that in the original post ;)

This is the 15 Drawer Rolling Cart and this is the 10 Drawer Rolling Cart that I ordered 2 of.     Hope that is helpful :)

So now I have my print fabrics all broken down by color including bins for coral, teal/aqua, and navy.  I just love how much easier it is making it to find just the print fabrics I am looking for in my scraps ;)

Then I have a whole organizer of neutrals.  Love, Love, Love!!!  I can keep my black/whites separate from the black drawer and the white drawer.   And I even made a low volume one color drawer, and a low volume multi color drawer.    And they even sent me an extra drawer which now holds all of the bindings waiting to be sewn on, so perfect!!! 

And finally, my new favorite organization from the new scrap storage system, solids by color!!!!   I have always had my solids just mixed in with my prints, and I would think I had more of a certain color than I actually did because of how many solids were in the drawer.  And I am so happy to have them separate now.   I can't wait to make an all solid scrap project, it is going to be so great and easy to find what I need!!! 

And since, I was having so much fun with my scraps of fabric, I figured I might as well organize the thread as well!!!  Before all of these were tossed in a basket and I could never see if I had the color I needed.   My girls had so much fun making the rainbow as they organized these on the wall for me.   And I just love how easy it is to find exactly what I need :)

So yup, my Spring Cleaning was actually Summer Organizing for the Sewing Room, but I just love these new additions and can't wait to get scrap sewing with ease ;)

I hope you are all having a very Happy Quilting Day!!!!

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  1. what a perfect solution! could you please let us know the name of the system you bought? i might just try and copy it! thank you so much, shoshana

  2. It looks awesome! Love how easy it will be for you to grab what is needed when the time comes - and your threads - love it :)!

  3. Melissa, your scraps organization is incredible.
    I would love to know where you got this. It looks so neat and tidy

    1. hey!! that is me, Rosemary B
      I am not able to sign in to google :-P

  4. Very cool! Thanks for sharing your terrific idea!

  5. That looks great!! I love how organized! Do you have a link for the storage systems?


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