Monday, November 21, 2022

2022 Jolly Box and Sew Gifted Quilt!!!

 It's that time of year . . . when the Annual Jolly Box arrives in the mail and today is the day I can share all of it's amazing Holiday Quilting Goodness!!! And can I just say, Wow!!!   This year's Jolly Box had me so very Jolly, and super duper excited to sew, more on that to come ;)   

I was thrilled to find 2 adorable Cup of Cheer Charm packs and a Panel from Kimberbell Designs for Maywood Studios!!!   These are just the cutest holiday prints, I mean, isn't everything from Kimberbell :)   And I just love the Sew Gifted Quilt Pattern that came with the fabric.  In fact, I loved it so much, I already made it up, again, more to come ;)

And the notions that  Fat Quarter Shop sent along with the Jolly Box are just so amazing!!!! I love this OmniRack Mini.  I have so, so, so many rulers, and storage for them is always fantastic :)   And I am just tickled about this Lori Hold Red Quick Change Rotary Cutter.  I will admit, I  pretty much collect rotary cutters, so this was a super special surprise!!!   And I know lots of people say "how many rotary cutters do you need??", but for me, the answer is the more the better.   And I do use them all too, I like rotating through the different colors and grips ;)

And this exclusive Holiday Mega Stash N Store is just so festive!!!  This will be a special addition in the sewing room this month to hold all of my seam rippers, snippers, and marking pencils ;)   And these Fabric Marker's were new to me, but hat a smart way to keep cut piles together.    And I am just loving the Kimberbell Playing Cards.  We love playing family games, and we can always use another deck of cards, ours get a little well loved during intense games of Nertz.  

And that is the fun of the Jolly Box!!!  But I have more to share.  Like I said, I just loved this box's fabric and pattern so much I couldn't wait to whip it up.   So here is my Sew Gifted Quilt as well!!! Isn't it just so cute!!!   

This quilt went together super quick, considering I started it on Saturday :)   I just love these little gifts all in a row.  And the way the bows were designed was just so smart.  Way easier to make than they look for sure.   And doesn't the Kona Pool background just make all of those cute Cup of Cheer Charm Squares just pop.  

And I actually added an extra 2 gifts to each row so that I used up almost every single charm square and made the quilt more of a square shape.  I love how this gives it a nice Lap Size square feel now.  Mine finished at 56" x 60".  

I quilted it this morning with lovely open centered swirls.  I love how this gives it a look of snow flurries dancing across the quilt.   And of course, it adds lots of wonderful texture making this a super snuggly quilt for the Holiday's.  

And that is my Sew Gifted Quilt from the 2022 Jolly Box!!!   I can't wait to put up the Christmas tree on Friday and have this draped next to it.   Sew Gifted indeed :) 

Thanks for popping in today and sharing this fun Jolly Box and Sew Gifted quilt with me ;)

I hope you all have a very Happy Quilting Day!!!

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  1. I love your quilt! It turned out just perfect! That is super that you were able to even make it a little bigger! I can’t believe you made it up so fast! I did not get a Jolly Box ordered so I am hoping they will have one left for me to buy. You’re right, it’s the best one so far, I think! Love all of the items and would find them super fun to use for sure! Thanks for sharing your quilt! —

  2. Oh - how I love that you finished the quilt so quickly - it looks so festive with that background. So fun, to be able to put it out once your Christmas Tree is up. Enjoy - love it!

  3. Rosemary b here: WOW
    This is a great box of goodies. I do love the quilt you made.


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