Saturday, November 26, 2022

Puzzle Box - Fast & Fun Lap Quilts

It's Week 8 of my Fast & Fun Lap Quilts Book Tour and today I am sharing a second version of the Puzzle Box quilt! And this week, it is all about Basics!!! Have you ever made a quilt completely from basics??  It is oh so much fun, and the best part is, you have lots and lots of colors to play with ;)

For this version of Puzzle Box, I was really trying to show how you can make Basics Fabric Collections jut shine.  I know we don't always think about making an entire quilt from the same basic, but they look just amazing.   It can be more difficult to find a "Layer Cake" of basics, but there are some, and you can always make your own :)  And like I said, the thing I love most about basics, is the vast color selection.  

And you can use the same basic for the background.  I choose to use Blossom Basics by Christopher Thompson for Riley Blake Designs.  I just love the little pop the white flower adds to each print.  I choose 32 different colors, and then had so much fun pairing them for each block.  And of course, the Blossom Black Background just makes all of those colors so happy and vibrant!!!  And you have to love the scrappy binding in all of the colors, it is just so fun!!!  Puzzle Box finishes at 62" x 62" so it is a great size for any occasion ;)   

Since I custom quilted all the quilts in the Fast & Fun Lap Quilts  I thought it would be fun to do all over designs for these second versions.   For this Puzzle Box quilt, I quilted an all over echoed loop de loop.   It is such a fun design to quilt.  I just quilt a single loop design, and then when I get to the end, before rolling the quilt, I echo what I just quilted and cross over the lines whenever I feel like it to give it a fun ribbon look.   And for the black backgrounds and happy bright prints, I am all about a medium grey thread to blend with it all ;)  

And that is another Puzzle Box quilt, the eighth lap quilt in my new Fast & Fun Lap Quilts book !  You can find the Fast & Fun Lap Quilts book in your local or online quilt shops,  C&T Publishing, or if you would like a personalized signed copy, you can order from my Etsy shop.  And if you make your own Puzzle Box quilt, I would love to see it!!  You can share your quilts with me on social media using hashtag #happyquiltingwithmc and #fastandfunlapquilts and tag me @happyquiltingmc or you can email me a picture at   

Thanks so much for popping in for another Fast & Fun Lap Quilts book day of fun.    And if you haven't had a chance to enter Pat's Fast & Fun Lap Quilts Giveaway for a copy of Fast & Fun Lap Quilts so you can make your own Puzzle Box quilt, be sure and pop on over and enter.  

I hope you all have a very Happy Quilting Day!   

And just a reminder . . . If you haven't gotten a copy of Fast & Fun Lap Quilts book, you can get it on sale this weekend along with 25% off everything in my shop ;)  Happy Quilting!!! 

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