Wednesday, December 21, 2022

2023 Quilt Alongs!!!

It's that time of year . . .when I start to gear up for 2023 and that means gearing up for the 2023 Quilt Alongs I plan to participate in!!!  I am so excited :)  It is just so fun to pick fabrics and imagine how great they will look in a design.

So to start out the 2023 quilt along year . . . I will be joining in the Barn Star Sampler Quilt Along.  And I am making my Barn Star Sampler a Rainbow of Ombre goodness!!!   Eeekk, I can't wait ;)  


So, my plan is to do each block in a colorway, so I grouped my fabrics in two's, which essentially gives me 6 colors per block to play with, as you have the light, medium, and dark of each print.  This is a big quilt (80" x 100"), and I am actually planning to make mine even bigger so it finishes at 100" x 100".  (You know I always have to change things up :)   So I am using Half Yard Cuts in 20 different shades for 10 Yards of Prints total ;)   I am also doing the background in varying neutral shades of Ombre, and I have 8 yards of 5 Assorted Neutrals.  

And since I already ordered the book, I could start cutting.   And I am not going to lie, this one took a long, long, long time to cut out.  I mean, a king size sampler quilt is always going to take a bit to cut out, but adding in the ombre factor and making sure I had lights, mediums, and darks in each block just upped the cutting fun ;)  The amount of fabric I had guesstimated, ended up just perfect.  I had to "piece" a few of my cuts but all in very little scrap pieces were left.  So that makes me happy (no need to add more to those bins ;)    I am just thrilled to have this all cut and ready to start sewing in 2023.  I can't wait!!!  

Also, starting in March of 2023 is the Bountiful Charity Quilt Along!!!  This will be my 9th year participating in Fat Quarter Shop's Annual Quilt along and I am just thrilled to be a part of something so wonderful.   The Quilt Along benefits Make A Wish and since 2014, this Charity Quilt Along has helped raise over $650,000 and granted 110 wishes, so amazing!!!! 

The original Bountiful Quilt is made using Corey Yoder's soon to be released Sunwashed Fabric.  This is such a cute line (I might have already done some secret sewing with it!!)   Fat Quarter Shop has Bountiful Sunwashed Kits available for Pre-order now, as well as a Backing Bountiful Kit.    Like I said, I already have sewn with Sunwashed, so I decided to switch up my fabric.  My plan is to use Meadowmere by Gingiber.  I just love the bold, rich tones in this line, and of course, you know I am all about the metallic, so fun!!!   I think this is going to make a stunning Bountiful quilt!!!  The fabric requirements for this quilt along will be released early in 2023 and then the sewing fun starts in March.  Can't wait!!! 

And last, but certainly not least, I am so excited to announce that I have a Fast & Fun Lap Quilts Sampler Quilt Along planned for 2023!!!!    The date of this one is still a little flexible as things are changing at my publisher (more on that tomorrow) but here is a sneak peek of the design ;)    This is going to be just like the Charming Baby Sampler Quilt Along, where I have taken a block from each of the quilts in Fast & Fun Lap Quilts and combined them into a Queen Size Sampler.  It will use 2 Layer Cakes and a Background Fabric and it is going to be so much fun!!!  So if you haven't gotten your copy of Fast & Fun Lap Quilts, be sure to grab it and get ready for some 2023 fun :)

And that is it for the 2023 Quilt Alongs.  Are you going to join in and Quilt Along with me???

I hope you have a very Happy Quilting Day!!! 

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  1. Love that you are using the ombre fabrics for the Barn Star quilt. That is going to be stunning!

  2. Such a gorgeous range to make your Barn Star Quilt.

  3. Alongs* no apostrophe

  4. I have been waiting for Medowmere and trying to figure out what to do with it. This is a great idea as I didn't want to do Corey Yoder. Following along to see what you are goinf to use as a background!


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