Monday, December 12, 2022

Squirrel! Three More Quilts

 So on Friday I finally got around to putting away my "Black Friday Finds".  Which ultimately led to needing to reorganize a few things in the Pre-cut section of my stash so everything would fit nice and neat.  While doing this rearranging, I came across three "junior jelly rolls" that had been stuffed to the back of my pre-cut stash.  And well, lets just say they were looking a little shabby.  These were "homemade" junior jelly rolls that I had put together from scraps from this project in 2010 (that I actually just did a free pdf of) , this project in 2016, and this project in 2012.  Wow!!!   No wonder they were a little shabby, they had been hidden away for some time!!!

We'll I just bring myself to stuff them to the back again.  So I grabbed my Moda Bake Shop Rollin Along book, and flipped through the pages casually and the Crossroads Quilt by Lisa Jo Girodat just jumped out at me!!  And wouldn't you know, I had a Jelly Roll and a Half of Cream Solid left over from another ancient project.   I made my plans (you only need 18 print strips to make a baby size Crossroads which is exactly how many strips I had left of each roll :)  that evening and started cutting Saturday morning.

And I couldn't stop.  I pieced half of Saturday and this Morning and afternoon and wham!!!  Three more Crossroads quilts to add to the "To Be Quilted" pile that I just finished up with during the quilt marathon :)   So the goal is to get these quilted asap!!!   In fact, I think  I will go work on some quilt backs right now :)

I hope you all are having a very Happy Quilting Day!!!

I sure know I am ;) 

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