Thursday, January 5, 2023

Island Lagoon Quilt and Quilting Cruise!!!

So the end of 2022 was pretty much a blur, and when I was writting my end of year post, I realized I never posted about my Island Lagoon quilt and the amazing Quilting Cruise I got to teach on last year!!!  So, it's time to get caught up :)  This is my Island Lagoon quilt, isn't it just so fun, and perfect for a class that was making it's way to Hawaii!!!  

The quilt design is by Deb Luttrell, the owner of Stitchin' Heaven, and I was so excited that she asked me to come and teach her quilt on the cruise.   This is a super fun log cabin quilt to make.  I love the added variation of putting the quarter log cabin blocks on point.  It just really bordered that large Log Cabin center so perfectly!!!  

This is the quilt that I made from Stitchin Heaven's wonderful cruise kit.  I have to say, it is pretty nice to have all of the pieces cut and labeled ahead of time.  You just open the bag and start stitching :) And it goes together really fast, especially when you chain piece.  The quilt finishes at 77" x 77", so it is a great size to have for a picnic, or even on the beach :)  

 I quilted mine with an all over free motion quilting of echoed paisleys, pebbles,, and swirls.  I decided to do the quilting in a slightly larger scale than I usually do as the pattern is done in a larger scale.  I just love how it turned out, and all of the texture it added to the quilt!!!  

And this Island Lagoon quilt hung in class for the cruise, and at the end of the cruise, it was given to our "cruise manager".   This amazing gal had done 3 back to back cruises with Dana and Dawn and kept everything running smoothly for all of us stitching.  So amazing and she was so very excited to be given the quilt from class :)  I wish I would have gotten a picture of her smile ;)    But no worries, I also had a second Island Lagoon quilt in process that I used to show the process of making the quilt on sample boards.  I finished putting it together during the end of the cruise and now it just needs to be quilted, so I will share it soon ;)  It is done in a completely different fabric, and it blows me away how much it changes up the design.  

And speaking of changing up the design . . . not everyone in the class used the Island Lagoon cruise kit.  Here are just a few samplings of changing up the fabrics.  Aren't they just so fun!!!   It always amazes me how much it changes up the design by changing the fabrics.  

And if your wondering what a quilt cruise is like, let me tell you, it is so much fun!!!!  First off, you should know the entire boat is not quilters ;)   Its normally an amazing group of around 50-75 quilters, who fast become friends while cruising and quilting.   I loved getting to know all of these wonderful people!!!  

One of the main reasons you get to be fast friends is because you are all stitching together in one big room.   The room is open all the time, so you can eat and play on the ship, and then still come back and sew to your hearts content.   And as you can see from the finished projects above, there was a lot of late night sewing going on ;)  

I love that Stitchin Heaven provides all of the sewing machines so you don't have to worry about lugging them all on board.   In fact, that is one of my jobs as a teacher ;)   Before the cruise leaves port, Dana, Dawn, Deb, Sandra and I were all in the conference room setting up tables, chairs, and machines so everything was ready to go the first day of class.  And of course, I got some help from my traveling companions, Barbara, Charlotte, and Jacob.   Yes, this is proof that my husband was in the conference room at one point, and even helped set up the machines!! 

But of course, his preference is to be at the ports.  And the great thing about quilt cruises, none of the classes are taught during the port days. (although the sewing room is open if you prefer to stay and sew)   So you can still get out and enjoy all of the amazing destinations you are sailing too.   We had so much fun in Maui and Oahu.   What an amazing cruise filled with lots of friends, fun, and probably to much food ;)  

And now I get to look forward to doing it all again, only this time in Alaska!!!   This September I will be teaching on a Scrappy and Happy Alaska Quilting Cruise and I can't wait!!!   I just love quilting scrappy, and I am super excited to teach this scrappy Stacked Squares quilt with it's awesome low volume scrappy background.  It is going to be so much fun!!!   My husband can't wait either, he is already planning excursions of dog sledding, and snorkeling, ya, that is going to be cold :)  So, take a look, and maybe I will see you on board in September ;)   

I hope you all have a very Happy Quilting Day!   

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  1. looks like so much fun!!! :-)

  2. It looks like everyone had so much fun sewing and meeting new friends.


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