Saturday, January 28, 2023

Quilt Goal 2023 - I'm Going to Make a . . .

When I was asked by my good friends at Fat Quarter Shop if I wanted to participate in their Quilt Goal 2023  event I was all in ;)   The idea is to challenge yourself to create something all-new to you in 2023.  So I started to think of a quilting goal that is outside my usual fare.   And I have to say, I had to think for a little while.  I went through the APQ Bucket List,  and ya know (making 50+ quilts a year) I had tried most of it.  So what to make????  

And then it hit me.  . .   and this is way outside my usual fare!!  I am not going to lie, I am a little scared to attempt this.   Can you guess what my quilt goal is by all of the supplies??

Yup. . . .I am going to make a Quilted Duffle Bag!!!!   With zippers, and lining, and interfacing, and hardware, and wow, just a little overwhelming ;)   The most in detailed bag I have ever made is my Charming Tote, and this is a whole lot more detailed than that.   But I am excited, and scared, but mostly excited to challenge myself to try this new to me project.    Wish me luck :)  

So how about you????  Is there a project that you want to try that is outside of your usual fare??  Join in the Quilt Goals 2023 Challenge.   And use the #QuiltGoals2023 to share your progress ;)  I can't wait to see what your goal will be ;)  

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