Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Stacked Squares - New Happy Quilting Pattern!!!

 Today I am so happy to be sharing another one of my new patterns this week!!!     Here is Stacked Squares !!! This was originally a tutorial on the blog, but I was asked to teach in on a quilting cruise last month, so it needed to be written up into a pattern.   And now, we can all enjoy it with 7 size options as well!!!    

The Stacked Squares Pattern can be found in my Etsy Shop in both a Paper version as well as a PDF version.  And it is on Special for it's release with PDF Patterns at $5.50 and the Paper Patterns listed at $7.00!  The patterns are full color and the paper version is in book format.  

Stacked Squares  was designed to help me get control of my overwhelming low volume scrap drawer.  See, I make a lot of quilts with white backgrounds because it shows off the design!   But that means all of the beautiful Low Volumes in the line can't be used to piece the block or they blend away into the background to much.  Hence, an overflowing Low Volume scrap drawer.   Do you find yourself in the same situation??  If so, Stacked Squares is the quilt for you!!!     Doesn't that low volume background in the criss cross pattern just create so much fun movement.   I just love it!!   

I had so much fun digging through my print scraps as well!!   A helpful hint when making this quilt . . . Try to make sure your prints really "read" one color.  That way they don't blend into that super fun low volume background.  I picked Red, Navy, Aqua, Green, and Pink as my scrappy colors and then just dug through those color bin looking for scraps in those color parameters. And of course, I used scrap binding pieces to finish it off ;)  

I quilted this version of Stacked Squares with an all over loose feather design.  I was just going for something fun and whimsical to match that fun and whimsical background!!   It was the perfect fit ;) 

And like I mentioned . . . I taught this on a Quilting Cruise last month.   And for the cruise, I made a few extra "samples" :)   I made the "Cruise Kit" version, as well as a "Christmas Version".   I haven't quilted them yet, (Lighter in my suitcase as a flimsy :) and you know, as soon as I do, I will share them here.  I have to say, I am so excited to get the Christmas Version finished!!   I just love Christmas Quilts and I want this one on the couch for Christmas this year!!! 

And like I said earlier . . . the fun part of having this design in a pattern is all of the size options!!!  I just love doing quilt math ;)   You will find 7 size options in this pattern:  Baby, Child,  Lap, Twin, Picnic, Queen and King.  The fabric requirements are in both Scrap Yardage and/or Fat Quarters.   And I know, cutting scraps can take a little longer so I designed most of the quilt around 2 1/2".  That way it works for leftover Jelly Roll Strips as well, or you can use an AccuQuilt 2 1/2" Strip Die to really speed things up.  (My AccuQuilt is my favorite tool when working with Scraps!!!) 

And that is my new Stacked Squares quilt and Pattern!!!  And yes, my Happy Quilting Patterns have a new look, but they are still filled with full color - wonderful illustrations to guide you along each step of the way.   You are going to have so much fun making this quilt and get some major scrap busting done at the same time . . . Double Bonus!!!  And of course,  if you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to reach out to me ;)       

So are you ready to start making your Stacked Squres Quilts???  Pop over to my Etsy Shop, to pick up your Patterns.   Again, PDF Patterns are just $5.50, the Paper Patterns are $7.00,  until October 2nd :)    And while you are there, check out these other newly released and re-released patterns that are also on the same special ;)  Always good to save on shipping!! 

Oh, And when you make your Stacked Squares Quilt I would love to see it!!!  You can email me a picture at or add it to social media with  #happyquiltingwithmc ;)  I can't wait to see your Happy Quilting Quilts!!!

Thanks for popping in today and sharing this new finish with me.  I am so very excited and hope you all love this new quilt as much as I do!!!!  I'll be sharing more all week on these new quilts and patterns so be sure to come back and visit ;)

I hope you all have a Happy Quilting Day!!! 

P.S.   Just in case you heard "Quilting Cruise" and your ears perked up . . . I am teaching on another one in May to the Western Caribbean :)  It would be so fun to have you come quilt along with me on the sea!! 

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  1. How can I purchase your stacked squares pattern?

    1. You can find it in my Etsy Shop Here


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