Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Blocks 11 and 12

So when I started this quilt I just gathered my Christmas scraps, they weren't the right sizes that Amy had listed as needed, but I figured I could make it work. I know I will have enough fabric, but starting this week I am really having to stray a bit from the layout design as I just don't have enough of certain fabrics to follow Amy's example. It is quite fun though, figuring out how to make my scraps stretch, and it makes me excited that I will use up these scraps!

Block 10 - I wanted to add a bit more color this week as I noticed I was getting a lot of white. I think this is super cute with the punch of yellow!

Block 11 - Once again, I wanted to add some more color this week.

And here are the 12 completed blocks. Only 4 more to go! I am getting so excited!

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  1. The falling santas are way cute! I can't wait to see your finished quilt.

  2. I love your blocks! They look great!

  3. Christmas, how nice. IT would make a great Christmas quilt.

  4. Your fabric choices are brilliant - just the right punch of colour. Great job on the blocks!

  5. So pretty! They are all looking so nice together.

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