Sunday, October 3, 2010

First's in Free Motion

So today I tried some new techniques into my limited free motion abilities.

First, using stencils to quilt in pictures.  I really love these leaves!!  I used my birthday present (a slice) to make the stencils.  When I have more time to play  with my great new little machine, I will post about what it can do.

Second, I finally tried pebbling.  It isn't perfect but this is my first square.  It takes a little more time than normal stippling so I will be working on the remaining 12 blocks for a bit.  But I am sure it will be better with each square.

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  1. You are well on your way.....isn't it fun?

  2. Im glad to see someone else trying machine quilting techniques. Im trying to learn myself.

  3. You're doing great. I haven't quilted all that much. I find it difficult. Hope to learn from you. :)


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