Monday, October 4, 2010

"Taggy" to Match and Exciting News

So at the end of August my dear sweet friend had her fourth little girl.  You might remember her from my Snuggly Squares Baby Quilt Tutorial.  Here she is in all of her adorable glory!

About a month before she was born I made this quilt for her mother and gave it to her then so should could have it hanging over her crib when her little bundle of joy arrived.

I found this quilting idea on Oh Fransson and I love it!!

So this afternoon was her baby shower. It was wonderful, good friends, and good food.  I really didn't want to go empty handed as I had already given my gift 2 months ago so I thought about what I could do.  This is what I came up with.  A cute little "Taggy".  It matches her quilt.  How cute is that???

Okay, So ready for the exciting news!!  Well it is for me at least.  When I got home from the baby shower I had an email from the Moda Bake Shop that they are having a booth in the Houston Quilt Festival and would love to display my Snuggly Squares Baby Quilt.  Ahhhhh!!  I am so excited!!  I want to fly to Houston just so I can see one of my quilts among such amazing other quilts made by quilting legends!!  If you happen to be in Houston for this event and see my quilt, could you snap a picture for me.  Thanks!! :)
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  1. Those are darling quilts!

    I'm still thinking about going to the HIQF. If I do, I'll snap a picture IF I remember to AND if the shop/booth will let me. :-D

  2. Hi,
    I live in Houston and go to the Festival every year, I will be sure to look for your quilt and snap a picture for you.

    Thanks for sharing your lovely work with us!

  3. Oh, you ladies are just so sweet!! Thank you!!


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