Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Keep On The Sunny Side

Okay, so last week was a bear!!  I had my email comprised that I had for 10 years and trying to change over to a new one took way more time than I would have liked.  And maybe it is stupid, but I was really attached to that email address.  Just when I thought I was done with that, I lost all of my pictures, on all of my blogs, including my posts on the MBS.  Sigh, could it get worse??  I really should not have asked, because right after finding that out, I realized my toes were hurting like crazy and looked to find that they had gotten infected.  Argghh!!

BUT that was last week, and it is a new week!  ***  I am determined to move on and look on the Sunny Side of these situations!  So here it is :)

1 - I have all but 4 of my pictures back on my quilting blog.  Those 4 apparently were permanently deleted.  And I figure a weekend to get back up and running ain't bad at all.

2 - While redoing my blog I learned a ton about PDF's and blogs in general. I linked a more paper efficient I Spy tutorial, and redid my quilt archive to what I originally had planned and am much happier with the results.

3 - I have created new Bake Shop tutorials to replace the old broken ones and they are now up, complete with pictures.  (although, little downer, I lost all of the beautiful comments people wrote me about those quilts, but there was nothing to do about it, sigh)  I am all set back up with the Moda Bake Shop and have 2 tutorials in the pipeline :)

4 - The minute I found out my toes were infected I was able to get  antibiotics called in and our good friends offered to have us over for dinner and games so I wouldn't have to be on my feet.  Isn't that sweet!!

5 - And this has nothing to do with the "situations" but certainly brightened my outlook on life when I really had some dark clouds circling.  I found out Sunday that I won a Freebird Charm Pack  from Mariliz's Musing.  Thank you Mariliz, I can't wait to start a project with these super fun and happy prints!!

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  1. Well up and onward. Good for you for trying to have a brighter outlook. I hope that this week is a better one for you. Hang in there.

  2. Sorry it's been rough for you. One thing is for certain though.....fabric is good therapy :)

  3. That fabric is beautifully cheerful! Isn't it strange how bad things always happen all at once?

    Here's hoping this week is a much happier one for you!

  4. Oh no that is just awful. I am having a charm pack giveaway on my blog as well until next week. After seeing what you did with the Chubby Stars I would love to see what you do with charm packs. Love the blog by the way.

  5. I'm glad that you won and it made you smile. Enjoy!!


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