Saturday, March 12, 2011

Happy Quilting Quilt-A-Long Finishing Up Instructions

Okay, so most of you probably don't need this last step, and there are several that have already done it, but I figured just to complete it off, I will post some instructions on how to put your blocks together into a top.  So here we go, the last step of the Happy Quilting Quil-A-Long!!

Start by laying your blocks out in your rows.  Go ahead and play with your blocks until you get a look that you like.

Once you get a layout you like go ahead and mark your blocks so you don't forget what goes where.  I usually use pins.  I have a slightly cryptic way of how I place my pins so that I know where they go.  Do what works for you.  You can also just take a picture and then refer back to it.

Okay, so once you have your blocks marked you are going to start pinning them together.  Take Block 1 from Row 1 and lay it over on top of Block 2 of Row 1 with right sides together.  Don't spin it or anything, just flop it over :)  (how's that for a technical term.)  No go ahead and pin your seam line together.  Make sure to pin your seams first making sure to line them up.  After that pin your ends.  If you have any bubbles just smooth them down with your finger and put in a horizontal pin.  

Repeat pinning with all of the first block for all of the rows of your quilt.

Now it is back to some stitching.  Once again, stitch a 1/4" inch seam along your pinned line.  Make sure to remove your pins as you go and smooth out seams from underneath.  Continue to chain stitch all of your sets.

Clip your threads between blocks and then go ahead and press your seams open.  Once again, this is just to help keep the bulk down.

So now you will have a stack that looks like this.  Don't you just love those little "nubbins between the sashing.  (I actually like them so much I made my seams a little larger to highlight that feature, so my nubbins might be slightly larger than yours :)  I love how it makes the diamond sashings in the middle float :)

So now lay your blocks back out with the rest of your quilt layout.  Use your pins or your pictures to ensure you have everything back the way you originally laid it out.

Now it is just repeat.  Go ahead and lay your Block 3 onto your now sewn together Block 1 and 2 in each row.  Pin all of your blocks.  Then go ahead and stitch your 1/4" seam along all the sets, clip your threads, and press.  Repeat this process for however many blocks you have in your rows :)

So now your rows are all put together and now you just have to attach the rows to each other.  And it is the exact same process just on a larger scale.

Lay your entire Row 1 onto your Row 2.  Pin along the seam line.  Once again, make sure to match your seams first.  Sew a 1/4" seam along your pinned line and press open.

Now just repeat the process for each row, adding one after the other.  And there you have it!!!  Your completed top!!!  Yippee Skipee!!!

Alright, Make sure to add your completed top to Flickr.  I will give everyone 2 weeks to finish your tops.  On  March 28th we will have a parade of tops and announce the winner of the Burgundy Buttons Gift Certificate.     I can't wait to see all of your finished tops!!!  I hope you have enjoyed the Happy Quilting Quilt-A-Long.  I know I have!!
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  1. :( I think I'm the only one not done. They ALL look amazing though!

  2. I love your quilt top. It is very pretty.

  3. That quilt top is Beautiful!!! I love it! What a great quilt a long this has been!! THank you so much for hosing it!!

  4. This was a fun quilt along, so many variations came from it. Thank you for hosting our journey together.

  5. I am glad that you are showing us the last step. Now it is time for me to catch up and finish also. Thank you!

  6. You did an amazing job in creating this beautiful quilt. I love your choice of fabrics. It's great to know that you're posting tips on how to make one of these the easy way around. Thank you very much for sharing and keep up the good work! :)

  7. I've just worked out I need to make another 95 blocks to finish the 84" square quilt top, I don't think I have enough fabric to finish it atm, so I'm going to put it on hold for a bit. That's the trouble with using a jelly roll, twice as much sewing!

  8. Melissa what size border are you putting on your quilt, if any?
    I am thinking 2.5 same as sashing. I would love your opinion?

  9. Hi Cindy, I choose not to add a border but the option is out there for sure. I think that a 2 1/2 would look great if you want it to blend well. If you want it to stand out a little more I would go a little bigger. Most of the time I determine my border size by how big I want my finish product to be. I hope that helps :)

  10. What a beautiful quilt and great tutorials for the blocks! Amazing.
    Happy 2012!

  11. I made scrappy 16 disappering quilt in twin 70×90 for christmas


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