Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Birthday Baking and Moda Baking!!

Yesterday by little one turned 2!!!  Hoolay smokes time flies!!  My older daughter saw a picture of one of those cool new rainbow cakes and told me I should make a "girlie" one for Kami.  This was my interpatation of "girlie" version.  I think it looks pretty alright :)

Unfortunatly, I am horrible at stacking cakes and keeping them even, so to help I use extra icing.  I went a little overboard on this particular cake using 2 tubs of frosting.  That's right, that little cake has 2 tubs of frosting.  Can we say sugar headache.  However, I don't think the Birthday Girl minded all that much :)

And since we are on the baking subject, I thought I would give you a little sneaky peek of what will be coming at the end of the month!!  I just love these prints!!  I can't wait to share the whole quilt :)

Oh, and it's the last days to enter the Celebrate Giveaway :)  You can find it here :)

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  1. I can't wait to see the whole quilt! Looks wonderful!

    So does the cake! Mmmm - there is no such thing as too much frosting! My daughters birthday is Thursday, so I will be making my annual Shamrock cake. It's usually a laughable result, but hey - we gotta keep trying! :)

    Happy birthday to your sweet little gal!!

  2. I love those fabrics - can't wait to see this quilt!!

  3. Can you pass a slice of that cake, please. I love extra icing and it looks like your little one did too. Can't wait to see the new quilt.

  4. Happy birthday to the big girl. The years do slip by quickly. Our son turns 41 today and I have no idea where those years went.

    Love that girlie cake!!!! It looks like she loved it too.

    I can't wait to see the full quilt.

  5. You did a great job on your rainbow cake! How much fun for the birthday girl.
    The Lily and Will fabric is just fabulous, isn't it? Looking forward to seeing your new MBS project!

  6. The girlie cake had me drooling (is there really such a thing as too much frosting? really?) But when I saw that tease of fabrics I almost had to grab a napkin to wipe my chin.... drooling like a teething child! I need to have those fabrics! What are they? Please? a hint?

  7. Happy Birthday to your sweet little one, Melissa. That cake looks so yummy!!! :)

  8. The cake looks wonderful and delicious. The sneek peek looks exciting.

  9. She's adorable, and this is such a fun cake! Can't wait to see how that quilt turns out.

  10. I don't know which one I liked looking at more: the cake with mega-frosting, or the yummy quilt!! Show us more of the fabrics, please!
    Jacque in SC

  11. Oh what a cutie Melissa!! I'm so sorry she drew on your lovely Sunkissed quilt, I don't have any suggestions for you, I hope it comes out though.

  12. the cake looks great!!! Cami is adorable too!!!!


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