Friday, June 17, 2011

3-D Sewing

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Let me start by saying I am not much of a 3-D seamstress.  Anything that isn't sewn completely flat tends to intimidate me.  My 3-D sewing mostly consists of some Halloween costumes, some pj's, some dress-ups and a few bags.  But nothing that really needs to look all that great when it is finished.  I have always been okay with this but every Easter and Christmas there is a small part of me that wishes my girls could have the cute matchy-matchy dresses that I made for them.

So, when I saw this beautiful taffeta (which is more green then the picture shows) with the felt damask print at the store yesterday (in the clearance section no less) I thought "Oh my goodness, wouldn't that make just the most beautiful Christmas dresses for my girls this year", which was quickly followed by "But there is no way you could get that turned into beautiful Christmas dresses."  So I put the bolt back and continued to browse through the other bolts.

Then it hit me that I was at the store with my amazing Mother-In-Law, who happens to be one of the most amazing seamstresses I know, and who know lives 2 doors down from me!!!!  Hallelujah!!!  I grabbed the bolt from the stack and ran over to where said seamstress was browsing and told her my crazy idea to make Christmas Dresses out of this beautiful fabric.  In a few minutes measurements were figured, yardage was calculated  and this beautiful, stunning, fabric was in my cart.   And I am so happy and not worried one bit about taking on such a big task (for me) because I know I will have a pro right by my side.  Thanks Mom!!!

And the best part of it all was seeing my 5 year old's face when I showed her the material.  She rubbed it, and petted it, and danced around with it wrapped around her waist.  She is such a little princess.  So stay tuned for when I show you my first attempt at some primo quality 3-D Sewing :)

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  1. LOL, I'm so with you on 3D sewing, I stink at it. : ) Can't wait to see your girls' dresses.

  2. Between teaching Kaylee and having you in town, I think mom is living her own little multi-generational sewing dream. Seriously, I'm so glad she finally has people around who can share her mad love of sewing. Thanks for taking that guilt off of me!

  3. Oh my gosh, I am excited for you. Last month I bought a ton of different vintagey looking flocked fabrics that looked similar in all different colors. I plan on layering them over taffeta or something like that for a Christmas or a fancy dress. I'm anxious to see what your mother-in-law comes up with. How lucky are you? I wish I had a seamstress in the family! I can sew, but what the heck, I would be willing to share my projects with someone!! You lucky, lucky girl!

  4. Isn't that amazing? I am that way with 3-D sewing also. I will fiddle with teeny triangles and fussy cut hexagons...but show me a dart and fitted sleeves and I freak out. I don't get it. I am happy to see you inspired to break out of the flat box into the world of 3-D. I'll be waiting with my red/green glasses to see the finished product!
    Deb from

  5. That is gorgeous!! I can't wait to see them!! Good luck!

  6. Oh, I feel the same way! Hope the dresses turn out fabulous!


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