Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Crazy WIP Wednesday!!!

So I am a little late posting this.  It has been crazy around here today :)  I will get to that in a minute   

So I mainly have 3 WIP that I am frantically trying to get done to take with me to the Sewing Summit so I can give them to Kate for the 100 Quilts for Kids Campaign.  

Quilt #1 is all quilted up and just waiting for a binding.  

Quilt #2 has just a tiny bit more to be quilted.  And yes, those are feathers on the green print.  I finally tried them. I will post more on them when I link these quilts up :)  (Just promise in the mean time not to look to close, this was my first attempt at feathers :)

Quilt #3 is basted and waiting to be quilted.  I am hoping to get to that tonight after bed time :)

And the big WIP that has kept me from getting to quilting these quilts today was packing!!!  See, I got up this morning ready to start packing for the Sewing Summit (I have to pack for 6 as the kiddo's are going to Grandma's.)  But before I got started,  I decided that I didn't want to wear maternity clothes to the conference so out came the boxes of my regular clothes.  To my ultimate frustration, I found that one of the boxes had been stored at some point in the move in a pile of water.  Half of my clothes smelled of mildew!!!  Ewww!!

 So what was going to be a load or 2 of laundry to get ready to pack turned into 5 loads :(  And just when I thought I was making some serious progress I came to find that one of the kids left a crayon in their jeans pocket and I learned that crayons melt in the dryer.   So a bunch of those  "Some day I plan to fit in these Jeans again" jeans ended up being trashed jeans.

What ya gonna do??  I can't tell you how relieved I am now to have clean clothes in everyone closest, and suitcases sitting out on beds.  Now all I have to do is put the clothes from the closet to the suitcases.  And I am here typing instead.  I wonder how long I will procrastinate packing???

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  1. All 3 are very cute! Nice job! I am impressed with your feathers.

  2. Everything looks great, you're making good progress! Look me up, I'll help you stitch those bindings. See you in SLC!

  3. Oh, that's so great that you have 3 quilts for that cause! awesome! Good luck with all the packing.

  4. Awww! Sorry about the midew and the crayon! How frustrating. I'm a crunch time packer, so I know you can do it in no time flat! Good luck! :)

    And those quilts are SO cute!!!! Yea!!

  5. just for future ..because you know that there will be crayons in the dryer again....yes, there will...there is a "recipe" on the web for taking that all out of your clothing. Vinegar, borax, liquid tide, shout (in various quantities) it really works. I ended up with a whole family wash of multiple pairs of jeans ( 2 girls who change clothes "more than once" a day).

  6. Those quilts are adorable!

    I've used Sandra's trick to get crayon out of clothes, too, after a similar crayon in the pocket incident.

  7. Too bad about the crayon fiasco! Sorry about that, but I must say, your quilts are lovely as always!

  8. My matra is...I work better under pressure...that's my way of excusing myself when I procrastinate almost too long...

    I'll let you borrow it...

  9. Great job on the quilts and keeping cool under all the pressure! :)

  10. The quilts are beautiful!! I think there is a commercial out right now about Tide Boost being able to take out crayons.

  11. i guess we'll have to do some clothes shopping while you're up here! :) luv ya sis - see you soon! :)

  12. Have a great time at the summit - get packing!!

  13. Why is it when something special for momma comes along, there always seems to be a crisis requiring WAY more attention than you anticipated? SO sorry to hear about the mildew/laundry debacle. You are so going to have a great (and well-deserved) time this weekend in all of your clean clothes!!!!


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