Friday, March 2, 2012

Some Crafty Help :)

So in 2 weeks I am in charge of a rather large party and have assigned myself to make a pinata that looks like the world.  I figured no problem right, I can just google how to do it.  So I did and talk about information overload.  There are so many ways and I have no idea which one to try.  More importantly, I don't really have to time to try more than one.  

So . . . .  If you have a tried and true way to make a pinata or know of a tried and true tutorial to make a pinata could you help a girl out and send it my way :)  I would sure appreciate it :)

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  1. If you don't mind fringiness, and you want the pinata to be round like a ball, I'd use this tutorial from Oh Happy Day, and just alternate the crepe paper to be more globe-like.

    If you didn't mind the globe being flat like a disc, use this tutorial.

    I made a star pinata the second way, and it was awesome. (Except don't tape with duct tape, just use masking tape. WAY easier to break.)

  2. what about the old school, blow up a balloon and do paper mache strips around it and let it dry than pop the balloon. use grocery store brown paper bags for strength. and then just draw the picture on it and use tissue paper to decorstr. you can either do it with strips or take squares, put on a back of a pencil and twist then dag glue and stick it. total elementary school art project.

  3. I made one before - and I can tell you how NOT to do it, LOL. Don't use flour/water paste. It doesn't dry well and it started to smell like it was spoiled by the time it did dry (not in time for the party!) Definitely use paper mache' - and strips of newspaper and/or paper bags :) Maybe paper bags at first, then newspaper on top to get a smoother surface?

  4. It has been years since I've made them. As I recall, just try to go "lightweight" so that they are easy to break open. Use small pieces of paper to avoid folds. Newspaper does work well. You can also cover in layers of tissue paper if you want a smoother surface. Any type of craft paint works.

    Definitely start with a frame that will hold the goodies and add a handle to that frame, for which you'll eventually hang your pinata. Then start adding your paper mache' to the frame.

    Have fun.


  5. I'd go with the balloon and papier mache trick I think!

  6. I would go with the balloon myself, you are somewhat able to manipulate it back into a roudnish shape more like a globe and less like a tear drop shape! GOOD LUCK!!

  7. Blow up a STRONG balloon - a big one and it you can't get that, use a thin play ball and cover it with paper know from he old days...flour/water and torn newspaper strips..keep working on it after it dries to make it smooth by adding a few more strips...using glue is fine...when it is totally dry...pop the ball/balloon (hope you left an opening near the top to either take it out or get a pointy thing in...then paint or whatever...By the way - I hate pinata parties where everyone is slugging at the darn thing and eventually someone puts in on the floor and beats it to death with a baseball bat. One party I was at, a mom took a knife to was like Psycho, but with a bunch of 7 year olds looking on in horror!!!! Be warned..they NEVER break!!!!

  8. My only suggestion is make like above with a balloon. I use newspaper strips and then when it is strong enough I change to white paper to cover it and get a clean finish. If you wet your hands with the glue and rub over the top layer you generally get a good clean finish.
    Now for the pinata bit: Once you are happy with the shape and it has hardened and set you need to remove the balloon and then cut a large hole in the bottom of the shape. You then cover this hole with a few layers of paper, you need to have a weak point so that it breaks after a number of hits - otherwise you will be using a knife to cut it apart. (speaking from experience!!)
    A really good way to make a pinata for a young children is here:

  9. Use a balloon, dilute plaster, newspaper strips just torn and not too many layers if you want to break it. I suggeat just 2 or 3 at most. The more layers the harder it will be. The final layer is the tissue and then you sand it afterwards before the paint. I spray painted with blue, hang it up on a clothesline. Then add the countries. You can even skip the tissue if you have the nice newspaper packing you can buy at Walmart. Regular newspaper has a lot of ink and the paint doesn't want to stick. DON'T put over wet strips on the balloon. Put a layer all over, dry, then a layer, dry, then anothe, should be plenty hard enough. Don't forget the hole for the candy or toys. Oriental Trading has great filler stuff.

  10. Go to and search how to make a pinata. Lots of tutes there. have fun

  11. I was also going to suggest the strong blown up balloon with the paper mache. You've received some great advice so far, but I have one tip to add. Start now!!! These things can take forever to dry. I ended up placing mine in a warm (lowest setting), not hot, oven--be careful that nothing is touching the oven's heating element!!!

    I made a pumpkin pinata years ago for my son's kindergarten class' Halloween party and I filled it with very inexpensive trinkets that I bought at a carnival supply store. I started with newspaper and decorated it using the orange and green paper streamers.

  12. Instead of a balloon I used a blow up beach ball from dollar store. Don't make it too strong I learned from experience, those things never break.


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