Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Coming Soon!!

Mark your calendars for June 1st!!  Find your EZ Dresden Ruler by simplicity and start letting those ideas percolate.  (Don't have one, no worries, you will have lots of opportunities to win one!) And lastly, get ready to be inspired . . . Why???

Because the EZ Dresden Quilting Challenge and Blog hop starts this Friday, June 1st!!!  This is a super fun challenge and there will be tons of amazing prizes!!!   And, I am so excited to be part of the amazing blog hop!!  I will be posting on the 8th and can't wait :)  So stick around, it all kicks off on Friday!!!

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  1. Must order one today! I've been wanting to try dresdons so this may be just the kick I need. Thank you!

  2. Já algum tempo eu ando procurando esta tal placa,e nada. Improvisei com papelão e faço assim mesmo. Tive um estoque de 300 placas prontas,já não sabia mais o que fazer com tantas.Tenho uma amiga que vende suas peças em seu site e pedi que vendesse,em dois dias...Noruega nelas todas foram se congelar por lá.Mas me aguarde sexta-feira,beijo.

  3. Sounds interesting... another new thing to try - yay!!!

  4. That sounds like so much fun! I love making Dresden plates...no ruler just a cut out template =D

  5. I love dresden plate but I`ve never made one so this must be the time to try it though I haven`t the ruler.

  6. Hmmm, this is on my Christmas list, but maybe I need to get it now!! LOL


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