Thursday, October 4, 2012

TNT Thursday with Trapunto

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So were you like me and the first time you heard someone talking about trapunto wondered what in the world it was??  (Are you still wondering what it is??)  I had heard it tossed around and finally managed to deduce that trapunto is a technique in quilting used to make parts of a quilt "puffier".  (No that isn't Webster's definition)  And so, now that I knew what it was I filed it away for another day :)

Then, about a week ago another day came.  I drew up a little design that would look oh so adorable if certain parts of it were "puffier".  And so I was off to figure out how the technique was actually done.  I found lots of different "how to's" and took bits and pieces from them for my own method.  And just FYI, the quilt I using trapunto on is for my next MBS tutorial so it will go over my little method of trapunto.

It wasn't to hard.  Basically I just added extra batting to the back of my quilt where I wanted it puffy and then secure stitched my applique on the front.  Fun huh!!!

And just to keep it real . . . I somehow managed to stitch the front corner of my quilt top to the back of my applique.  So apparently this doesn't just happen when I am quilting, I can manage to do it when appliqueing as well :)  At least I got to use my new purple seam ripper all the way from Scotland :)

So that's it for me this week.  How about you???  What have you been trying new??  Link on up!

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  1. Ha! I was just thinking that yesterday. I pinned a couple of quilts on pinterest that were made using "trapunto." My thought process was pretty much the same as yours. ("What IS trapunto anyway? It looks like parts of those quilts are puffier than the rest. Huh.")
    I'm really excited to see your tutorial now! Seems like it will be just in time!

  2. I was looking at quilts on Moda Bake Shop and one of the quilts uses trapunto. Since I was making a quilt with snail applique, I decided to use that technique. I still have to quilt the quilt to get the full effect, but I'm excited about the final look.


  4. Funnily enough I've never done it for quilting, just for teddy bear feet!

  5. Oh Melissa. You make me laugh. I find I can sew the front to the back of my projects at odd times too. Can't wait for the MBS recipe!!!

  6. Soo cool! I have looked at it before but it isn't my style. I'm sure you will change my mind with your new MBS!


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