Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Half Way There

I have been working on my whole cloth quilting here and there. I have found in this last week that I haven't had a lot of time to sew so I am only about half way through.  It is also pretty slow going as the lines are about 1/4" apart so that makes for a lot of quilting.  But even with that I am so super excited with how it is coming out.   It has so much texture to it, I just love it!!   I really think it is going to look great with the design that idea that I want to finish it with ;)

And speaking of free motion quilting, I signed up for the Machine Quilting Negative Space class by Angela Walters on Craftsy.  I have been thinking about taking this class for some time and when I got an email from Craftsy that there classes were on sale for $9.99 I couldn't resist.  I have watched the first class and am really enjoying it!!  I am very excited about what I have learned so far and I can't wait to incorporate her lessons into my quilting.  Oh, and those squares sketched at the top, totally a new favorite quilting design.  Got to try that on fabric soon!!

And this is totally random, but I was so happy about it that I had to post a picture.  I used to make bread about every 2 weeks.  Then I just sort of fell out of the habit.  I think it has been a whole year since I have made bread.  So yesterday, with the freezing temperatures inspiring me to make something warm and comforting, I made up a batch of dough, and we enjoyed 3, right from the oven, loafs of bread with dinner.  Oh ya, I was pretty high on the awesome mom scale last night at dinner :)

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  1. I am taking that class too:) So far pretty good...I have been drawing on paper. Will watch teh fabric part tomorrow:) Guess we need to get the books now too????

  2. Oh you can't beat homemade bread...yum!

  3. Have fun with the class! I have her book and I'm really hoping to get into it this year

  4. That is a LOT of thread! I'd like to take that Craftsy class but I need a 'coupon' as well. I did get one of Angela's books for Christmas. :)


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