Friday, January 25, 2013

Just Keep Stitching, Just Keep Pressing, Just Keep Pinning

This has been my mantra the last few days.  I have been a stitching, pressing, pinning machine!!  And I am so excited about it because I feel like I am getting on top of things again!!  I am working on 4 different projects  all at once and I managed to finish a portion of each of them in the last 3 days!!  Yippee Skippee!!

First off, my fabric for the Starburst Quilt-A-Long finally found it's way to me on Tuesday evening after a scary postal trip :)  I instantly sorted my fat quarters into groups.  I really love this fabric bundle Julie put together.  It is just so happy and fun to sew with!!

Before I went to bed, I managed to get all my fabric cut.  (And it was before midnight :)  This was my number one priority since as hostess of the Quilt-A-Long it is kind of nice to keep up :)

And by last night, I had finished all of my building blocks.  This weeks assignment of Half Square Triangles and Goose in the Corner blocks, and next weeks assignment of Flying Geese!!  That means, next's week's tutorial will actually have new pictures, Yippee Skippee!!  (Now I just need to go change out the older pictures for new ones, on the list to do :)

My next finish was finishing up all of the samples for the 2 classes I am teaching next week.  It feels so good to have that taken care of because now I am way less nervous about teaching as I feel like I have a plan.  In fact, I am pretty darn excited!!  It's funny how seeing it makes it so much easier to explain :)  (This pictures shows my samples for how to make no waste flying geese :)

And remember how I mentioned that when the class was over I would turn the samples into a new quilt pattern.  Well, I figured while I was playing with this fabric I might as well whip up the HST's and  extra Flying Geese that I would need.   Now that is a flock of geese!!  Yes, that was a lot of pinning, pressing, and trimming!!!  But doesn't it just look so pretty :)

My last big finish I am so excited about!!  I finished my whole cloth quilting!!  Wow, this took 18 bobbins to quilt and I think around 7 hours.  (I tend to loose track of time when I am in the zone :)  I can't wait to move onto the next step of this quilt :)

Don't you just love all of that yummy texture!!  (Sorry these photo's aren't great, it is super gloomy outside and the flash just kept making a huge bright spot, le sigh)

So those are my finishes from my stitching, pressing, pinning 3 day marathon :)  It has been so much fun and I am so excited to start seeing things turn into finished quilts :)  I'm linking these finishes up to Amanda Jean's :)

Have a Happy Quilting Weekend!!  Here's hoping mine can be as productive as the last few days.  (Although, I really should take a break and clean the house ;)

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  1. Love your colors. So bright and cheerful.

  2. Wow busy as a bee. Glad you finally got your fabrics.

  3. Melissa, you ROCK!!!! You are just a quilting machine!!! Great job and beautiful colors in all of those fabrics!!! :)

  4. You always work with such pretty fabric!

  5. You are in the zone! LOVE your fabrics for the Starburst QAL!

  6. Yay for getting on top of things! I think I kind of managed that tonight...

  7. Nah, don't clean, it'll only get dirty again :-) Love the fabric yumminess!

  8. Love the whole cloth quilt. I want to do one once I get a house and have a bedroom where I can settle on colors for my bedding!

  9. you are so awesome. I wish I had as much energy as you do !! Love the colors..

  10. Amazing! So happy you shared your samples with Cuzco, because it's so pretty and it's nice to see the prints made up into units--it helps me visualize! Now I want the Cuzco even more!
    Will you share your sizes of cuts from the layer cake, how you did it, to make up with the flying geese units? I need to learn how to use layer cakes and other precuts.


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