Thursday, July 11, 2013

Sewing with Grandma

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So this summer, Barbara started a little summer sewing activity for some of the older grand-kids.  The kids named it Make It Monday :)  Each Monday afternoon, and then some other days in between, a few of the grandkids met with Grandma to work on their desired project.  This last week my 3 oldest finished their projects.

Jessi made this adorable owl purse.  Her bff (and cousin) has a matching one.  They are totally loving their matching purses and can be found sporting them all over town :)

Jessi did such a great job.  She cut out all her pieces, stitched her applique in place, and then put the bag together with the help from Grandma.  She really is staring to be quite the little seamstress.

Spencer and Kristian decided they wanted to make "Ranger" capes based off of the books "Rangers Apprentice" that Spencer is reading right now.  They loved cutting out all of their wonky camoflouge shapes to add to the capes.

They didn't however, love stitching all of those wonky shapes in place.  Spencer set himself a goal of so many a week to have it done by this weekend.  It was a great way to work through it I thought.  (Grandma helped a lot with Kristian's, he decided pretty early out of the gate that secure stitching really wasn't his thing :)  The boy's absolutely love their capes and can be found whipping around and hiding in corners every 2 minutes.

I want to shout out a  huge Thank You to Barbara!!!  She really is absolutely amazing.  She works with the kids so well and is so patient with them, even when they are getting a little crazy and antsy.  Mom, you really made the kids summer with Make it Monday!!  And just in case you are wondering,  yes, I know that I have the best Mother In Law in the world, and I am so very happy to have her in our lives!!!
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  1. I'm sure that Grandma had as much fun as the kids did. What a nice thing to do with them!

  2. My my taught me the basics of sewing when I was young, but it was really my Grandma that fine tuned many of my skills. She and Grandpa travelled the US in their motorhome for a while and lived in our driveway for a while after that before buying their retirement home. I would go out to her motor home and sew for hours with her.

  3. Her bag came out so nicely and fun that the boys could join in and sew too.


  4. Cute,cute,cute. How fun for all of them.

  5. How fun to see the kids with their projects!! I've learned that if you want your kids to catch the sewing bug you have to start early!! In other words, neither of my girls like to sew! :-(
    And how wonderful to have a MIL who is so kind and willing to teach your children: I kind of missed out on that boat too, but at least my older daughter learned how to make killer spaghetti and eggplant Parmesan from my MIL!
    Have a wonderful weekend!!! Hugs, H in Healdsburg

  6. Ho wlucky you are to have Mothr in law like that. Mine is the complete opposite. And how blessed your children are to have her as well.

  7. Makes me miss my mom all the more. She was a great seamstress and would have loved to sew for and with my kiddos. She was around for sewing for my kids until my youngest was about 5. Little shirts and vests, dresses for my daughter. sigh...

  8. What a special thing for Grandma and the kids to do together. Might suggest it to my mum when the grand kids are a bit older and she has a little less work and a little more play time to sew with them. Such special memories - I still remember my grandma teaching me to use the spinning wheel with her help when I was very young. If we pushed the peddle smoothly and evenly we could help, I am not sure how smooth or even it was but I still have a little tiny ball of the wool we made together.

  9. What a great activity for summer break. Yeah, you got a good one when it came to mother in laws. You're very lucky to have her living close by too.

  10. Lucky Gramma. My GK are coming for a bit this summer from out west. I want let the oldest guy try the long arm (he is ten). He is such a drawer and doodles constantly. Would love to see what he would create.

  11. That is a wonderful way to spend time with the grandkids. I look forward to that when mine are older

  12. So cute! My son loved the Ranger Apprentice books. They came out later in the U.S. than they did in Australia, so I ordered some of them (at great shipping expense!) when they were newly released there. Love the owl purses too! Those kids will never forget the special time spent with their Grandma.


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